Project 66 (2011) – Warning Signs of Possession

Project 66 (2011) - Warning Signs of Possession

UPDATE 2018: This movie was on YouTube but it seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet! I’m pretty sure someone out there has a copy of it – so get searching (and let me know if you find a version of it! 

When we first launched this site we were very enthusiastic about including as many indie directors as possible – this has not changed! Over the next week or so we will be including a few zero budget offerings that we have found online.

The first is Project 66 – an enjoyable short based on a few warning signs of possession. I manged to find it late last night on YouTube and I just hit ‘play’ not knowing what to expect…

Fifteen Minutes of Fun

Yeah, most of these zero budget Found Footage offerings are short in length but this doesn’t seem to matter to some of them!

This might of only been quarter of an hour in length but it packed a great punch and had some decent creepy ideas. From what I could tell it was shot by three friends with no acting experience whatsoever – but that didn’t hold it back!

The Plot

So we’ve got three friends who break into a haunted house to do a short documentary on the murders that had occurred there a few years before ( not the most original idea granted but hey – this is indie filming! ).

One of the hapless three sits down on the bed in the main bedroom without realizing it’s where the ‘murder’ took place.

We are then treated to the same friend showing warning signs of possession and generally descending into madness – pretty cool stuff!

This Ain’t Hollywood

I’m reviewing this film with my indie hat on – don’t expect Blair Witch or Grave Encounters quality when watching it!

This definitely ain’t Hollywood and at times the acting is a little cardboard and the cinematography is a little low quality but that’s what makes it a cool watch!

The friends manage to put in enough ‘banter’ between themselves to make the film more natural and flow a little easier. They were really NOT that bad overall.


Great effort boys – better than a lot of zero budget Found Footage efforts out there. The warning signs of possession are done in a way that is pretty creepy and atmospheric and the film flowed really well.

Acting was OK but got steadily better as the film moved along. The possessed kid pretty much stole the show and does a good job of freaking out the viewer.

The running time is short but that’s what happens with these types of films – it doesn’t take anything away from the impact overall.

Looking forward to checking out these guys some more and seeing if there’s anything else out there they have attempted in this format….

Well worth fifteen minutes of any horror geek’s time!

( If you haven’t already noticed I have embedded the film at the top of this review….enjoy! )


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