Project X ( 2012 ) – Teenage Found Footage


Project X ( 2012 ) - Teenage Found Footage

So it’s time for a review I’ve been putting off for over a year now because I didn’t really want this film on my site ( how arrogant is that? ).

It’s not that I hate the film, I mean I don’t like it much, but HATE is a pretty strong word. I just like to keep this site in the ‘dark zone’ if you know what I mean?

Most Found Footage efforts are based on the Horror, Science Fiction and Thriller genres – that’s what I like about them!

This allows the films to build up a certain atmosphere that gets us on the edge of our seats and draws us in…

But Project X is a sort of teenage comedy-fest much like the American Pie franchise – not my sort of thing ( maybe I’m getting old? ).

Well it’s Found Footage so it belongs on here, let’s give it a go…


I only discovered yesterday that this film was actually created by director Todd Phillips – the guy behind the Hangover franchise ( which is actually quite good! ).

This surprised me as Project X seemed to lack a lot of substance and truly comic moments – it was just a load of high school shit thrown together at times!

I thought the man behind something as comically original as The Hangover would be able to do a lot more with this sort of blank canvas.

I’m pretty disappointed he wasn’t…

The Plot

OK, don’t really know where to start here, but I’ll give it a go!

This film bases itself on a sort of rags-to-riches tale that follows three pretty hapless teenagers. They go through your typical nerd punishments from jocks and cheerleaders alike – the guys are pretty sad really!

So Costa ( Oliver Cooper ) decides he’s going to break the trend of bullying and uses the birthday of best friend Thomas ( Thomas Mann ) as a platform ( J.B. ( Jonathan Daniel Brown ) makes up the sad trio! ).

They throw a wicked house party for the birthday to try and get people to like them ( not the most original of teenage movie ideas ).

So the party starts off pretty cool and the boys are actually attracting quite a bit of attention – could this be the turning point in their teenage troubles?

Well no, that would make for a pretty shitty film really!

Of course, the party is overrun by hundreds of sex starved teenagers and things quickly get out of hand.


I couldn’t really shake the feeling of senselessness when watching this film – it offered me nothing really solid to build a positive experience on.

The acting’s great, the cinematography is awesome and the editing is top notch…still it failed to impress me!

I guess it just takes more than midgets and topless girls to get me excited these days ( there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write for this site! ).

I was young once – honest I was!

I also got up to some pretty hideous things in those days as well. It’s just that this film tends to paint a picture of youth having no positive qualities whatsoever…and I know that’s not true!

The characters were just not up to scratch and ended up failing miserably. It wasn’t the actors – it was definitely the characters!

If you think of Seann William Scott’s character ( Stifler ) in American Pie and compare it to the characters offered here you’ll see the difference. They try but ultimately they fail ( miserably ).

I’m afraid this just wasn’t my type of thing – maybe it’ll appeal to college students or something, it just won’t ever appeal to me!

Not one I can recommend ( unless you’ve sunk at least 6 beers ).



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  1. I can understand your not so stoked feeling on this film, although I happened to love it. I agree the youth are poorly portrayed but then again I just figure in comedies many of the morals we have can be thrown out the door. I appreciate you putting this on here despite the fact it is a comedy. I hate to think that found footage can only work in certain genres but sometimes it sure seems that way.

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