Proof of The Devil ( 2014 ) – My Child Possessed


Proof of The Devil ( 2014 ) - My Child Possessed

I sometimes wonder how some of these Found Footage films ever get noticed by the public – there seems to be no marketing or press release for many of them.

Proof of The Devil is yet another example of a Found Footage film that absolutely nobody has taken any notice of ( so far! ). I actually passed it on a movie streaming site several times before I realized it was a Found Footage effort.

So, was this mysterious horror release any good?

Half And Half

Yeah, I think I’m going to have sit on the fence with this one because I can’t figure out whether I like it or not.

If you check out it’s profile on IMDb you’ll see it has a number of ratings ( 44 user ratings at the time of writing this ) but no ‘real’ review ratings.

This leads me to believe that a lot of these anonymous reviewers who failed to comment are nothing more than family or friends of the director. I could be wrong…but I doubt it!

The Plot

The film centers on a lady who’s son was executed for a spout of grizzly and violent murders across coastal Louisiana.

After her son ( referred to as ‘The Butcher’ ) is caught she tries her best to convince the authorities that he is completely innocent but they pay no attention to her pleas.

He is promptly trialed and executed.

She is convinced that her son was possessed by a demon and that is the reason he committed all these terrible crimes ( no wonder the authorities paid little attention to her! ).

She wants the world to know that her son was innocent so she brings in a documentary crew to record her as she attempts to become possessed by a demon on camera.

Once this documentary is finished she plans to screen it on live television so that she can clear her son’s name by proving the existence of demons.

So the film crew set up shop and try to keep straight faces as they begin to follow this grieving mother’s attempts at self-possession.

But have they bitten off more than they can chew?

Ideas Without Execution

The whole ‘idea’ of this film is a pretty cool one but I’m afraid many scenes were poorly executed. The writers, Paul Catalanotto and Rohan N. Dhurandhar have tried their best to offer something unique and fresh but a handful of the actors let them down.

This seems to be the flavor of the month with these little known Found Footage efforts – cheap actors!

These films need to look and feel realistic to succeed so cardboard characters reading deadpan lines will not help one bit.

It’s not the main cast I have a problem with here – it’s the surrounding cast. I’d say about four of the main characters were played with great talent and style but everyone else sucked eggs!


Unfortunately, this is another one of those Found Footage near misses. It really did start off with a lot of promise then slowly drizzle away into amateur territory.

There are plenty of Found Footage films out there that are based on the subject of possession so any new efforts really need to stand out. In my opinion Proof of The Devil didn’t really manage this.

I really hope this review doesn’t put you off too much because this film is nowhere near as bad as some I’ve had to review for this site – it’s just a little disappointing that’s all.

I firmly believe that if the film had received a higher budget to play about with it would of really stood out.

As it stands the effects were pretty low key and some of the actors were from the bargain basement…

A pretty average Found Footage effort overall.



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