Raakavedos 2 (2017) – Movie Review

Raakavedos 2 (2017) - Movie Review

Last March I was contacted by a Finish filmmaker named Elmo Rautio regarding his Found Footage feature Raakavedos – it was a totally independent film that he had made available on YouTube. 

For a zero budget movie – it ended up being quite good!

So, about a fortnight ago, he got in contact with me once again about the release of his follow up – Raakavedos 2. Once again it was a free offering to be found on YouTube. 

Elmo was after a review, which was cool with me, and he also suggested I supply a direct link to the movie for my visitors to use if they are interested – watch Raakavedos 2 HERE!

The Plot

“A Rough Cut 2” is a terrifying sequel to found footage horror film that gained praise by viewers all around the world. Now there’s even more excitement, creepiness and gruesome stuff for all the horror lovers to see…

It’s been a year since Petteri (Elmo Rautio) found a terrible seacret of Pohjola Manor, an abandoned youth home he was exploring. A masked serial killer who likes to film his victims is still on the lose. Police thinks the whole thing is a hoax. The girl Petteri managed to save (Hanna Louhimo) is finally ready to talk about her experience as a captive. Also there’s a pin-up model (Vilma Kinnunen) missing…

Zero Budget

Before you get into this film, it’s important to remember that you are watching a project that is limited by it’s budget. I actually quite like these YouTube offerings because you know what you are getting into before you hit play (you are more settled when you begin the movie’s journey).

To be brutally honest – 99% of these YouTube Found Footage features are way better than the shit that pretends it’s a Hollywood feature…and I’ve sat through enough of them recently (Loss of LifeExscind, don’t get me started….).

Anyway, even though these types of projects are pretty raw – they don’t try to pull the wool over your eyes.

You can judge them on a level playing field with an open mind!


Okay, well I didn’t enjoy it as much as I enjoyed the first offering – but it was still an interesting concept and a LOT of effort had been put into it.

Creating genuinely creepy scenes on a low budget is hard, hard work, and Rautio has managed to pull this feat off on various occasions.

Some of the scenes with the ‘bad dude’ involved really worked quite well…and who doesn’t like a killer in a mask, right?

Like the first offering, the acting actually passed the test and there were not that many cringe-worthy moments!

The camera work was extremely competent – from start to finish. Actually, the camera work, in most instances, was as good as anything out there at the moment.

The plot carried on from where the first film left off – and that was solid enough for a sequel. The one gripe I had with this storyline is that we didn’t really get to learn more about the killer’s origins.

Overall this was yet another Found Footage release from Rautio that managed to offer something worthwhile – it’s head and shoulders above the 20 minute student shit that is infesting YouTube at the moment.

Low budget but worthwhile – free to watch on YouTube! 🙂


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