Raised by Wolves ( 2014 ) – Manson Family Beliefs

Raised by Wolves ( 2014 ) - Manson Family Beliefs

Raised by Wolves is a Found Footage effort that bases itself on the ​Manson family beliefs. The performances in this film are impressive with the actors not only convincing in their roles as delinquent teens, but also as decent skateboarders…

The Plot

As I mentioned above the film is ( very ) loosely based on the horrific Manson family beliefs from the 1960’s.

It takes place in the present day and we have a rather obnoxious bunch of skaters who are looking into some new ( free ) venues to skate. Mikey ( Evan Crooks ) is the member of the group who acts as our cameraman throughout this experience. He’s looking to make a sort of documentary on his mate’s skating antics.

So this bunch are looking for a cool new place to skate and they are informed of a ranch with a rather nasty history. The ranch was owned by a ruthless cult family who apparently dabbled in devil worship and mass suicide! They don’t seem to bothered by this murderous history due to the fact the ranch contains an empty swimming pool – perfect for skating!

Skate or Die!

What really stood out in this film was the actual quality of the skating. I was taken aback by the standard of the main actor’s skateboarding ability over the first ten minutes or so.

The film opens with them skating/trespassing in an area and being chased away by security guards. ALL of them including Mikey on camera were very competent on their boards.

It didn’t end there either! When they finally arrive at this spooky ranch we are again treated to an array of skills within the empty swimming pool.

I’ll admit that seeing boys this good at skating didn’t exactly fill me with confidence due to the fact their acting would probably stink – but they just about managed to pull that off to!

Shake Rattle And Roll

The one drawback of this film was the amount of ‘shake’ added by the camera. Being the owner of this site I get to sit through many Found Footage titles and most of them tend to keep the shake down to a minimum.

But a shaking camcorder is a realistic camcorder – so where is the cutoff point?

Simple answer – I don’t know! Seriously, I have no idea! What I do know is that Raised by Wolves very nearly supplied me with an unwanted late night headache.


I have to be honest and say that the shaky camera was the only downside to this film. The story was decent enough, the location was eerie and atmospheric and the action was pretty cool to.

I wanted to dislike the film during the opening sequences due to the testosterone filled idiots on skateboards but I ended up liking these characters. This Brady Bunch of skaters are joined by your typical entourage of slack teenage girls you find littered around skate parks.  I was not as keen on these female characters as they seemed pretty cardboard – pretty empty ( but isn’t that always the case with skate park girls? ).

The stunts were top class due to all the boys having the natural skating skills to pull them off. The acting was a little suspect in places but that’s to be expected with this type of cast – I thought that overall they just about managed to pull it off!

The idea of skateboarding teens being haunted by Manson family beliefs is an original one – original ideas don’t pop up that often in this genre!

It’s definitely a film I wanted to fail after watching the first 20 minutes but it ended up being a film that succeeded. If you like Found Footage this will probably tick all the boxes for you and offer something a little unique with the skating side of things.

Not that bad at all really!


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