Ratter (2015) – Movie Review

Ratter (2015) - Movie Review

When I finished watching this film the other night I was left baffled by it’s title. I had just sat through a no-nonsense climax but I was still left scratching my head as to what a ‘ratter’ or ‘rat’ was?

So before we go any further I should point out that a ‘rat’ stands for Random Access Trojan.

It’s one of those extremely potent pieces of malware that provides the hacker with the ability to use computer based cameras…to stare back at the dude using the computer.

I bet you all just looked up at your webcam and shuddered 🙂

Anyway, director Branden Kramer has picked up on this disturbing thought and thrown it into a Found Footage movie.

Good or bad? Let’s take a look…

The Plot

Okay, so we already know the film is based on a creep that likes to hijack people’s video media!

This particular creep has zeroed in on Emma, a graduate student living alone in NYC.

The film basically follows her descent into paranoid madness as she realizes that someone has the ability to follow her every move…

Slow Burns Sometimes Work!

At lot of Found Footage efforts seem to get canned by your ‘everyday’ film critic due to the slow nature of their build.

It’s pretty ridiculous really – you CAN have a horror film without Freddie or Jason popping up every five minutes to cut someone in half!

Ratter is going to split the crowd with it’s delivery – and in my book that’s probably a good thing.

When your more ‘normal’ horror fans dislike a Found Footage effort it usually means that the particular title is worth watching. I often pre-gauge a Found Footage effort on the response it gets from ‘Blair Witch Haters’.

This was slow, in parts incredibly slow, but I couldn’t stop watching and it’s safe to say I didn’t get bored of it.

I think Mr. Kramer must be a Found Footage fan himself as he seems to have ignored the more common horror fan and gone straight for the camcorder jugular!

It was a brave move in this day and age – at least 50% of horror fans have had enough of this genre!

It worked though!


Putting Emma under the constant scope of someone who feels the need to get a closer look at her works well.

Even though the film is slow there is a constant chill that crawls up the viewer’s spine ( even worse if you are a female viewer one would think! ).

What started as simple computer glitches manifest into undetected break-ins at night and disturbing long shots of a shadow man watching Emma as she sleeps.

I found the frequency of these scenes quite clever – they didn’t happen that often, but they popped up often enough to remind us of the threat we were following!

I’m not going to throw out any spoilers here but the ending was worth the cinema ticket price alone ( if I’d actually watched it at the cinema…instead of illegally streaming it from Putlocker! ).

The only real drawback of this film was the actual computer based film shots themselves. I know we all leave our laptop on standby every now and again but this girl seems hell bent on burning her Acer out.

There is also the fact that her computer or phone seems PERFECTLY placed to capture just about everything she is doing.

But without these unrealistic angles we wouldn’t have seen anything of interest in the film – so I can forgive that!

A pretty decent horror/thriller that fits into the Found Footage category really well. If you liked The Den then you’ll probably find worth in this.

Definitely worth watching.

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  1. Thanks Chris. I liked The Den (and also Unfriended) so I’ll keep an eye open for this one.

  2. Yes last night I’ve watched this as well as The Rohl Haunting, that’s why I went to bed at 4am and this morning at work I couldn’t stand lol, fuck me I thought at the end, The Den is a bit better, Ratter only looks better, although this one’s creep/hacker/loner is indeed a creep at least in the beginning..
    bad ending!
    what’s your thought on the end?

    • Hi there Gino,

      Quite liked the ending – pretty menacing overall. Not the greatest of films but the Den is definitely a better shout!

  3. Hi Chris! I am a huge fan of the found footage genre. I never tire of it! With any genre there are good and there are horrible movies out there! Thank you for posting reviews! I was looking for additional movies to watch. I started watching this one last night and just finished it when I returned home from work. It was good!!

    • Hi there Michelle, great to have you here! 🙂
      Thanks for your support (glad you find the site useful!)

  4. I have just got to watching this last night. It is a good film at its core and like you stated it is slow in some places but that is forgivable because the budget and the acting makes up for it. I was left scratching my head at the end of the movie, SPOILERS BELOW !!!!!

    Did he kill her? Rape her? kidnap her? Who was he? How did he manage to upload all that maleware when we didn’t see her use the internet for anything other than video calls? What did the police see after the end credits?

    • LOL I think that’s the whole point of the ending Stewart – we have to make our own minds up…

  5. Mmm I saw this one On Demand it was well-worth it. The premise intrigued me and I like Ashley Benson, so I gave it a shot. It was slow, but there were certainly parts that creeped me out, especially since I saw it at night. Yeah the ending left me scratching my head too, and I know we should make up our own minds but with some movies (like this one), I just wished for explanation after a while, like some alternate ending. But yeah, worth seeing.

    • Yeah this had a few good ideas in it didn’t it Christine – I thought it hit all the creepy notes it needed to! 😉

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