Raw Footage ( 2011 ) – Contagious Itching Disease

Raw Footage ( 2011 ) - Contagious Itching Disease

​Raw Footage is a free to watch Found Footage film based on a contagious itching disease. It is currently available on YouTube and through the embedded video we have above this review.

But is it any good?

Yes And No

I’m not going to slate independent offerings of Found Footage because all of them have faults at one point or another.

The truth of the matter is that they are normally quite good and have a lot of original elements – this is the case here!

Sure there are some poor moments in the film but these are heavily outweighed by the originality and the effort the producer/director/actors have put into it.

So if your up for a little zero budget indie horror read on….this might be right up your street!

Here We Go…

So we start off with the rather worrying caption of:

“The following footage has been deemed……..CLASSIFIED”

We are then confronted with a kitchen scene between a couple of lovers playing about and having a laugh. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the camera – very poor but it does give the film a raw edge (no pun intended!).

The banter between the two is alright – the setup and conversation is believable enough but they seemed to get stuck on the subject of ‘Parmesan Cheese’ for a LONG time.

In the end we end up in this kitchen for over ten minutes of the film and I have to say – I got a little bored. At 18 minutes I was thinking about turning the film off but something told me that would be a mistake – I felt like I would be missing something!

I was right…

The Rash

About 22 minutes into the film we finally get a rash (hooray!) and the atmosphere slightly changes. The banter between the two becomes a little more strained and the whole feel of the film becomes more tense.

It a pretty nasty looking rash to and our main man decides to take a trip to the local doctors to see if he can sort out a cream or something!

At this point we have no real idea how serious this contagious itching disease is. We are aware the male half of the equation cannot stop itching and he feels ‘weird’ but we are still no wiser to the seriousness of the situation…

No Spoilers Please!

Well the doctor has never encountered this type of rash before and he prescribes a typical skin cream for medicating the situation.

I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop the ‘guts’ of the review here as I do not want to hit any spoiler alerts!

All I can say is that things get a lot worse…


A terribly boring start to the film that seems pretty much pointless even now. Thankfully things really pick up and the conclusion to the film is very enjoyable.

The acting is OK and the two characters seem believable enough throughout the film. The make up is pretty basic but they manage to get the contagious itching disease looking pretty nasty.

For a zero budget offering it is pretty interesting. The length of the film is at about 42 minutes so it doesn’t drag on for to long. The pointless conversations at the start of the movie happen in a lot of films in this genre – it’s just a way of getting to know the characters!

If you like the Found Footage genre then you would be stupid to miss out on this movie. It’s short, sweet and quite original.

Well worth a watch! (video at the top of this review!).


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