Re-Cut ( 2010 ) – Are Snuff Films Real?

Re-Cut ( 2010 ) - Are Snuff Films Real?

I love it when Found Footage films get it right and bring a subject to life with style! Re-Cut covers the subject of snuff films and ​takes it into a new dimension through the lens of a Found Footage camera…

Common Place

So are snuff films real? Well director Fritz Manger would certainly have you believe so! The first few title screens of Re-Cut provide us with a solid description on the subject and make us aware of how common these films are.

To be honest they didn’t exactly fill me with excitement – I have watched to many of these films to set myself up for a fall!

“In the fall of 2009, the following video was intercepted by the Internet Crimes Division of the FBI.”

Yeah it’s not the most original opening really but they still seem to work.

Thumbs up!

Yeah this film gets the big ‘thumbs up’ off me and I’m not ashamed to admit it – it was good and it ticked all the right boxes.

The film has ‘real life’ reality star Meredith Phillips playing one of the lead roles and this was a really exciting concept. She actually plays herself in this film which is even cooler!

This story sees her trying out her hand at being a local news reporter who works in the field. She is joined by Adam and David who are desperate to film a documentary on her day to day life.

As luck would have it Meredith is handed an assignment that involves her following up a local murder and the two boys go along for the ride.

They delve deep into the case and tread upon quite a few local toes as they go along. They are trying to find out whether a local man killed his two daughters or whether there are much more sinister reasons behind the murders…

Solid Horror All Round

The film was very enjoyable due to the fact that it doesn’t go in the direction you think it is going to go – it’s not typical Found Footage horror!

They don’t have to rely on blood and guts to fill the time slot as the atmosphere and the story twists have it all.

It’s based in Wisconsin which means a lot of the cinematography was quite beautiful and the camera work excelled because of this.

I liked all three of the main actors – they knew exactly what they were doing and they all worked well together. On screen relationships were very smooth and believable and the script managed to stay away from any cheesy lines.


This was well worth watching! One of the opening scenes has Adam and David filming a nutcase doing Martial Arts moves on the street ( against a street light! ). He notices their van and suddenly attacks them!

It’s not a scene that leads anywhere in the film but it definitely sets the tone for the rest of the movie – it made me jump!

Sure there are a few obvious ‘eye rolling’ bits the film could of done without but these were few and far between.

I felt that when they had the footage needed I was screaming at the screen for them to get out of town but of course…they don’t!

A good idea made great by pumping a little originality into the film for once – a lot of other Found Footage directors should take note of this! If you simply put a new twist on an old idea you will turn people’s heads.

If you have the time and you are into Found Footage horror then this is definitely a must see for your list. I recommend it!



  1. Last night I’ve watched “Snuff: A Documentary About Killing On Camera” and its quite good plus there’s a bone-chilling real story at the end, worth a watch if you like the subject ( Schumacher’s 8mm is yet undefeated though ).
    Tonight its Re-Cut turn.

    • Hi Gino, I have heard of Snuff but I was slightly put off when someone mentioned true footage of a snuff event on it. Still not sure if this is true or not…

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