Re-Kill (2015) – Movie Review

Re-Kill (2015) - Movie Review

When I hear about a Found Footage movie that has an impressive budget of $9,500,000 ( estimated ) I drop what I’m doing ( unless I’m holding a baby! ), and dive straight in! 

Re-Kill is the latest horror/science fiction offering from director Valeri Milev – known for relatively timid film offerings like Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014), Code Red (2013) and Pechalbata (2001)

But a budget of over 9 million is a pretty awesome starting point for a Found Footage movie right? 

Surely this was going to be his moment in the sun????


I don’t want to be mean here but…much like everything else Milev has attempted on the big screen – this was shite! 

It’s hard to pinpoint where a horror flick based on zombies with a 9M budget can go wrong – but this managed it big time! 

I’m struggling to get my head around some ( if not all ) of the decisions made by the folks in charge of screenplay. I suppose you have to see it to believe it really.

The Plot

85% of the world’s population has bit the dust due to a zombie outbreak 5 years ago. These zombies are referred to as ‘Re-Ans’ for some unknown reason ( what’s wrong with ‘Zombies’ or ‘The Undead’? ).

Most urban areas on Earth are uninhabitable but the cities that do boast dwellers are patrolled by the R-Division.

This is a bunch of S.W.A.T. candidates that go out every evening wiping out the urban Re-Ans community. 

The post-apocalyptic world has a television show, Re-Kill, which is basically a reality show that follows the R-Division around.

The film is shot through the camera lenses of this reality show. 

Action With no Substance

I felt the makers of the film knew they were ‘flogging a dead horse’ halfway through and decided to make up for it by stuffing in as many action scenes as possible. 

The whole thing seemed to be set out as a cross between that COPS reality TV show and The Running Man ( Schwarzenegger ).

This sounds like a pretty cool blueprint for a film but I’m afraid nearly every production decision seemed to be the wrong one! 


To be honest I think the fake commercial breaks were the best part of the film. They seemed to be well thought out with a large slice of futuristic dark humor thrown in there. 

The film itself was the complete opposite of these commercial breaks – nothing seemed thought out and the cheesiness just kept on coming. 

Screenplay was poor, acting was B grade at best and the plot holes nearly swallowed up my PC screen! 

Action scenes need to be handled really carefully when it comes to the Found Footage genre – Chronicle and Cloverfield manged to nail it…this movie did not! 

The constantly moving and shaking camera is not always able to properly capture the action for the audience – and the guy in charge of editing didn’t really do the viewer any favors either!

I have noticed a few other reviews of this movie floating about at the moment but I advise you not to pay too much attention to them – the reviewers have obviously been provided with a generous screener copy as a sweetener ( how can you possibly give this movie an 8 out of 10 rating? ). 

This is not a good movie – regardless of how high the the film crew and sponsors have rated it on IMDb. 

Unfortunately we live in a time where the internet is relatively easy to manipulate and that’s exactly what’s happened here. 

At the end I was left asking myself one question…

Where the hell did the $9 million end up going?

Your guess is as good as mine! 

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  1. Hey me again the guy who gave u a list of found footage movies on netflix! I got a new one for you did u ever see – Skeleton Crew (2009) ?

    • Hi there!

      I don’t remember Skeleton Crew so I’ll have a quick look to see if I can find it online tonight! It sounds familiar but I can’t really be sure.

  2. Gotta agree with your review, the movie was pretty boring. It felt like it tried to copy a lot from Starship Troopers, but it sort of missed the point a little. The adverts were pretty entertaining though.

    • Hi Jake,

      I completely forgot about Starship Troopers – there are many similarities between the two! Only difference is…I quite enjoyed Starship Troopers!

  3. Thank god we’ve got you to tell us the truth Chris! I hate that you cant even trust the IMDB reviews on anything these days. The worst offenders tend not to even have a trailer for some reason….hmmm

  4. Prior to this review, I got 5 minutes into this film and turned it off. I’m a fair person and I was going to give this film another try one day but now I’ve read your review I’ll give it a miss. You encapsulated perfectly just how shit I predicted this film would be in the first 5 minutes.
    Thank you again for your dedication that saves me from wasting my time ✌️

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