Real Cases of Shadow People The Sarah McCormick Story (2019) – Movie Review

Real Cases of Shadow People The Sarah McCormick Story (2019) – Movie Review

What is the world coming to…

This film has currently been voted up to a 6.9 on IMDb…

6 point fucking 9 out of 690 votes!!!!

The filmmakers must have A LOT of friends out there willing to lie for them (name and shame: Joseph Mazzaferro and Jospeh D. Thomas).

I don’t really know where to start here, and I’m a little pissed off that this movie currently manages to pull the wool over the eyes of so many people…

Because it’s shit.

It’s so shit, I could probably just write this introduction to the review…and leave it at that!

Okay, let’s start with the title of the movie: ‘Real Cases of Shadow People The Sarah McCormick Story’.

Maybe a little bit long…but hey…why not make it longer?

Yeah, let’s try something like: ‘Three of The Most Irritating Pricks You’ll Ever Meet Stuck In a Car Having Some of the Most Childish Conversations Known to Man & They ALL Die in The End!’

Seriously, this movie actually goes on for 1 hour and 47 minutes!

I mean…what in the name of fuck biscuits were they thinking?

Maybe if it’s a long movie…people will believe we’re real filmmakers!!!!!!


You can’t polish a turd guys…and this is one almighty shit heap!

Let’s just get the plot over with, and the conclusion done, because I feel I’m dirtying my site by just having this article on here.

The Plot

Three students went missing in October 2018. Sarah McCormick, Kyle Miller, Joseph Moore. Authorities have now come forward with the information that video surveillance was found inside of the abandoned Yost home that shows the crews last few moments documenting the Shadow People before their mysterious disappearance.


Thank fuck for that, let’s just get this thing over and done with…

This was shite.

A full hour and a half being stuck in a car with three of the most irritating mother fuckers ever to be placed on screen is bad enough…but then to sit through a hurried and pathetic paranormal conclusion was the icing on the cake really!

I’ve got plenty of American mates, had them for years now…and NONE of them act like these three retards.

Seriously, if you’re trying to promote your country in any way…it’s best you give these three the lethal injection (or gas chamber…what do they use in Texas these days?).

All in all a complete embarrassment to the genre, and the film industry.

A shame really because some of the ‘side actors’ were actually quite decent, and some of the cinematography was also well shot.

But this was something that should have stayed within the confines of Adobe Premiere Pro…

What prick hit the ‘Render’ button?



  1. Chris, please! Don’t hold back!. Thank you so much. I will miss this!

  2. Lol.. Well that’s time I’m never getting back.. I think the movie only focused on the actual story for about 15/20 mins so it should have been about 30 mins long and then it would have still sucked!!
    Hey you seen butterfly kisses and really enjoyed it hope you put a review up here soon would like to know what you think..

    • Hi Rachel!

      Yeah it was a pointless journey really wasn’t it? On top of that I’m still not quite sure why the actual Shadow People were so aggressive when they finally appeared?
      Yep, watched Butterfly Kisses, but can’t remember much of it (have to watch it again before putting it up on here!).

  3. How can any of these be real? I mean, I admit there are entities and things we don’t truly understand. (I myself have seen these things) but how come the camera in the room where Joe disappears doesn’t show a view from the side when the shadow man attacks? We only see from the front, Joe’s view. And THEN the camera shows a view of Joe’s fallen camera, but if it were rolling the whole time then that means the evidence was either altered or not really true. The camera was supposedly rolling the whole time, but we don’t get footage of the shadow man attacking from the side…. weird and very strange if you ask me. And also this documentary is making money off of it. I was thinking wtf? Seems kinda fishy if you ask me.

    • Um….Okay I’m struggling here…

      Did you think the thing was real? It’s only a movie yeah – you get that right?

  4. These comments are way more interesting than the film, which I am watching right now. Can I use mundane and bland in the same sentence? I’m 50 mins through and really struggling with irritating bogans, tragic dialogue and jerky camera work. Hard work. Would be way better without any volume. I’m hoping they all die really soon!

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