Real Ghost Pictures Caught on Camera

Real Ghost Pictures Caught on Camera

I come across so many of these real ghost pictures caught on camera I thought it was about time I shared some of them with you. I’ve tried to pick the more sincere examples due to the amount of staged rubbish that is released on a daily basis….enjoy!

A Welsh Hillside Incident

I had to cover this one first partly due to the fact I’m a Welshman and partly due to the fact it’s really creepy. These photos were taken in 2012 by a couple of friends on a trek through a hillside area of a Welsh valley.

The guy in the pictures is a property developer from Manchester named Paul Feehan and he’s having a short rest by a man made lake near the village of Abersoch.

Real Ghost Pictures Caught on Camera in wales

A friend who accompanied Paul is taking the pictures but neither of them were aware of the presence of the dark figure until they arrived home and scanned through the video work.

spooky welsh lady

Paul and his friend were obviously quite shocked at this finding and claimed that nobody was near them when they walked down to the lake – the area was deserted.

He did a little research himself and came to the conclusion that the dark woman was female and dressed in a Welsh folk outfit. Now being from Wales and growing up around these ghastly outfits I can vouch for it looking similar but the colors are usually made up of brighter reds – this seems very dark in color!

Still, who said entities had to follow fashion guidelines? It’s an excellent piece of paranormal footage caught in my homeland. What do you think?

Coventry 1985

If you look closely at the picture below you will see a tall robed figure on the left bowing with the rest of the people. This is one of my favorite real ghost pictures caught on camera from the 80’s!

coventry ghost

It took place at the Coventry Freeman Association in 1985. The function was being held at St. Mary’s Guildhall in Coventry and the picture was snapped by complete chance.

The problem is that nobody remembers this tall hooded figure being at the function. Who was he and why does he look so out of place in this photo?

What Was The Name of That Bird From The Grudge?

Yeah this one freaks me out every time I look at it – reminds me of that immense Japanese horror The Grudge.

Ghost off The Grudge!

This is one of the real ghost pictures caught on camera that I struggle to find any info on unfortunately. I’ve come across it a few times online through various paranormal sites but all I have been able to find out is that it’s three work mates on a lunch break.

The picture is taken from a cell phone camera and is really quite freaky – I love the way the face is captured in full color….

Is That Grandpa?

A lot of real ghost pictures caught on camera I come across have hardly any information to go along with them. This was the case with this photo I stumbled upon a while back (I can’t remember where I found it so I’m sorry if I’ve broken any copyright rules… wouldn’t be the first time!!!).

I love it though – the fact that there is very little information about it makes it even more spooky than it looks. The picture is of a girl’s grandmother snapped in 1997 – the man in the background is an image of her dead grandfather…….

freaky grandfather ghost

Man that picture’s awesome!!! Love it!

His Dying Breath

I never really know how to feel about this photograph but I just had to include it here – Whenever I look at it I often feel as though I am trespassing on a extremely personal moment.

His Dying Breath

The picture was actually taken a couple of hours before this man’s last breath. When it was developed, three strange mist orbs and light strings appeared.

Many believe that this photo is proof that spirits sit by our side as we pass away, waiting to take us peacefully onto the other side…

The Decebal Hotel Ghost

The Decebal Hotel Ghost

This intriguing picture was taken by Victoria Iovan in 2008 at the Decebal Hotel in Romania. Sightings of the ghost of a tall woman had been reported at the hotel for decades.

Real Ghost Images Caught on Camera

Anyway we hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of real ghost pictures caught on camera. I plan to do quite a few more as and when I come across any realistic evidence (I’ll probably update this article with them as I go along!).

If you have any opinions on the photographic evidence we have supplied here today please leave them in the comment section below.

Alternatively if you know of any other ghost pictures caught on camera that you think may be of interest to us please leave a link in the comment section below!


  1. There’s a number “real” ghost pictures out there that I deem “real”. The pics you’ve presented are as real as they get.
    What’s interesting are the grudge pictures coming out of japan. It appears that all of the pictures coming from country are of a ‘grudge’ nature. Sooo utterly creepy. The first one from Wales. It looks like she’s carrying a cane or umbrella. Great pix gather up some and share them with us. Thanks.

    • I agree with the pics coming out of Japan – strange how they center around that type of ‘Grudge’ feel. A friend of mine mentioned the same thing to me a couple of weeks back. Thanks for stopping by George, Hope to see you again soon!

  2. These ones shown are much to easy to fake. I highly doubt any if any of these on here are real, due to the fact they would be so easy to fake these ones. Sorry I have looked at thousands of pictures of ghosts and personally, and these ones just don’t cut it.

    • No problems – opinions are opinions! The photos shown here ( except the Asian-Grudge one ) have all been released through respectable paranormal journals – we wouldn’t include them if they hadn’t! Every photo gives a different perspective so we try to be as broad as possible but not everyone will be a ‘believer’ on every picture. I had to reject 6 other pictures for this page as I was in the same mindset as you are now – they didn’t look right! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your point of view 🙂

  3. Actually, I have personally held the last photograph in my own hands, I can vouch for that one being as real as it gets (as far as reputability on the internet goes).

    I was staying at my friends house one summer (the young girl you mention in the paragraph), when her mother pulled out these old photos to show us. We came to this particular picture, and her mother explained who the woman was, and who the man behind her is supposed to be. There was/is another photograph that accompanies this one of a picture of the grandfather, taken before he passed away I believe in the 1960’s or 1970’s, lying in bed reading the newspaper. The men are identical. Also, from the perspective of the person who took the photograph, the man standing behind the grandmother would have to be abnormally tall to show up, and the lighting on his face isn’t quite right for natural, sunny light.

    A detail that many sites leave out that my friends mother pointed out to me while I held the picture, is the discoloration of the leaves above the red car to the left of the man and woman, and there appears to be a face in the leaves. Now, my friend and her mother swears it looks like Jesus, however I’m not very religious so I leave that one open for interpretation.

    • Hi Sara. Thanks for this – it’s great to have new information on this subject! We tend to get more than out fair share of idiots that just blast the photographic evidence we post so it makes a nice change to hear from someone who can vouch for one of them 😉

  4. i been possed by man ghost i got lots orbs and girl. and man and mamam mary and lots ghost got lots prove on phone camare and some see them normal people,orbs,all colorrd spots ghost one is looks like big foot going threw window caught on camera hes all black witth fur not human but body was human but giant black fury he comes also in big black clouds with face in it and other faces just watching him whats going on freaked

    • Hi Pamela,
      Sounds interesting from what I can make out! Are you saying you’ve actually caught something on your phone cam?

  5. That last photo is great, I *think* I saw it years ago as we used to tell creepy stories and read creepypastas etc. and I immediately recognised it after all this time! Love these kind of articles, always an interesting read.

  6. I find these photos very interesting…although, to be honest, ghosts and spirits freak me out a bit…I would rather they keep hidden from my sight than think about them right in front of me. I do believe in them though…my wife and I recently relocated to a temporary apartment while our house is being worked on…the apartment is very old and we often have strange things happen…the front door is electronically bolted and quite often it opens by itself…we also have had things in our kitchen fall and shatter on the floor while both of us were no where in the vicinity. I would love to capture something on camera…although, i might be too freaked out to stay in the apartment if I saw what was playing games with us.

    Great article.

    • Hi there Paul,

      That apartment sounds like a little hive of paranormal activity – I’m wondering how long you have to stay there and how worried you are on a daily basis? Just remember, most spirits are mischievous but not necessarily dangerous 🙂

      I would also love to capture something on camera but you have to be at that sort of thing twenty four hours a day – I would not call myself the best of investigators…yet!

  7. I find this fascinating because I always wonder if ghosts are real and I don’t think we’ll ever know unless we see for ourselves. These pictures are amazing!! I’m blown away and a little creeped out I can’t lie. Thank you for showing me these though!! I am so interested in this…

    Will you be posting more here?

    • Hi there Jayde,

      Yeah I’m actually planning on adding some more images to this very article before too long – pop back and see in a couple of weeks! 🙂

  8. I am very afraid of ghost, talking about them, makes me so nervous. So all these incidents in your article I never thought that could happen. So this means ghost can hide from a plane human eye but cannot hide from a camera? Definitely fun and weird at the same time. My conclusion is, we are living in the presents each day. Some of strangers and of our dead relatives.

    Thank you so much for this great article

    • LOL no problem mate, although your comment did make me laugh! 

      I really don’t think there’s any need to be afraid of them – I find politicians more frightening! 🙂

  9. Hello Chris, 

    well, this is a post I really enjoyed! I love how you put it when you say “who said entities had to follow fashion guidelines?” Excellent!!  🙂

    I do believe in entities and I do believe they can be visible by some… and sometimes seen on photos or videos? Why not… I am a trained electrician in Belgium (I kid not!) and I am currently following some extra training about natural and man-made electromagnetic fields… few people are aware that the electromagnetic spectrum visible to the human eye is extremely small!! There is a lot more that we cannot see than what we can see… and it does not mean that the rest does not exist… radio waves, wifi, etc… in my view, entities vibrate at a level that is not visible to most people… but it does not mean they are not there.

    I have always been fascinated with whether or not they can be caught on camera… there is indeed a lot of “staged rubbish” out there as you say it yourself and I am not passion enough about this to do the research myself… so when I came across your post where you did the work, I felt very excited!! 🙂 Thank you! 

    I see that you mention orbs in one of the pictures. What are these orbs? I remember a few years ago making videos in a house I was sharing with friends and there were many orbs flying around that we could see in videos we made. But much smaller than the ones in the photo of the dying man on this post. Could they be flying dust reflecting light? What’s your personal opinion? My dad says he regularly sees some in his house and he does not know how to explain that.

    Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Nathalie ,

      The orbs question is a pretty hard one to answer as most paranormal experts have varying explanations on what they are. It is interesting that you managed to catch some sort of orb group on video – do you still have the video?

  10. Hi Chris, I have read whole article and remembered some memory in my childhood. I always found some shapes of human character in dark or shady environment when I walk alone but never found anything when I was not alone. I think it is natural for everyone believe it or not. But there is something supernatural things also exist and I felt this type of things once upon a time. It reminds us that there is something interconnected everything which is not seen to general public but really exist.Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi there – sounds like you’re talking about Shadow Figures or Shadow Men there mate!

      Do you still see them?

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