Real Spirit Pictures – 2013 Collection

Real Spirit Pictures - 2013 Collection

A few months back we decided to release an article on real spirit pictures which can be found here. The article continues to do well and draws in a lot of interest so we thought it would make good sense to follow it up with another – after all we come across many new photo’s in our line of work.

At the time of writing none of these pictures have been collared as being fake – it’s up to you to decide on their validity.

Cell Phone Ghost Picture

The first of our so called real spirit pictures is a cell phone ghost picture taken by a lady in in Cleveland, Texas. Marcella Davis was meeting up with her nephew outside his school one afternoon and she causally decided to take a snap of him.

Cell Phone Ghost Picture

She only took one photo due to the fact her nephew was not that keen on being the subject of her phone cam. She claims that she is pretty much a smartphone virgin and struggles to use any apps other than the camera.

When she arrived home she got her daughter to help her find the file where her photos were stored and they flipped through them.

The pair of them were astonished to discover the most recent snap ( taken a couple of hours before with her nephew ) contained some sort of ghostly figure. She explained:

“You could see straight through it. To me, it was awesome. It’s not scary to me. I can promise you I did not make that picture up”

So who is the figure in this cell phone ghost picture? Do you believe Marcella’s claims that she is hopeless with her smartphone and has no idea how this picture came about? What would she have to gain by lying about this photo?

Time Lapse Camera Ghost

The second of our so called real spirit pictures is a time lapse camera ghost picked up by photographer Nathan Ziegler.

He decided to do a little independent ghost hunting and set up a a time-lapse video camera in the Old Pioneer Cemetery in Milton-Freewater, Oregon.

Time Lapse Camera Ghost

When Nathan finally decided to review the footage he found a very strange figure moving through one of his frames. The figure appeared in one frame at 9:08:30 but isn’t in either frame 30 seconds before or after that frame.

Many of the locals believe the cemetery to be a hotbed of paranormal activity and many ghost hunting professionals are known to frequent it.

Others believe this is simply a case of a branch falling from the tree or some sort of insect passing the camera lens…what do you think?

Shadow People Pictures

The internet is full of Shadow People pictures these days and I find most of them quite fascinating due to the fact I watched a documentary on the subject not long ago.

Unfortunately the person who first posted this photo online neglected to offer their name or the exact location of where the photo was taken.

Shadow People Pictures

All I’ve got to go on with this picture is that it was taken at a apartment community somewhere after one of the residents swore blind the place was infested with demons ( why he/she thought this is anyone’s guess? ).

This particular resident had gone through a demon hunting process with his brother which had resulted in poltergeist activity and his brother’s arm being bitten!

The report on the photo was dated 2013 but it could be an earlier example of paranormal activity – what do you think?

Ghost Sightings Caught on Video 2013

We thought we’d mix it up a little at the end here and include a few video sightings from 2013. The real spirit pictures covered above are what we consider to be the best examples from 2013 – we don’t want to ruin them by posting the BS examples to!

I stumbled across this video by complete accident on a channel by carina marques on YouTube. The channel is dedicated to all aspects of the unexplained and is quite good really.

Anyway there are THIRTY examples on this video and most of them are pretty awesome – check them out and see what you think…

Update For The 2013 Article…

We thought we’d update this article from time to time due to the amount of interesting images we come across. It’s around about 2 and a half years since we first published this article so it’s time for a few updates…

The Graveyard Ghost

Came across this little beauty on a rather diverse paranormal website which I wouldn’t necessarily call popular. It was taken in the middle of the night and only three people are supposed to be in the image.

The middle figure appeared once the image was developed…

The Graveyard Ghost

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