REC ( 2007 ) – One of The Best Spanish Horror Movies?

REC ( 2007 ) - One of The Best Spanish Horror Movies


I’ll answer the question in the review title first – yes, this is one of the best Spanish horror movies ever made!

But the reason I finally decided to review it today is not a particularly positive one – I wanted to make a bit of a point!

Last week I decided to watch Troll Hunter again for the purposes of posting the review on this site. Once again it was an awesome experience and I thought I’d do a little further research into it for the purpose of ‘bumping up’ the review.

During this research I discovered the US was in the process of buying out the rights to the film so that they could remake it in English. This begs the question – what’s the point?

Have we got to the stage where we are too lazy to read English captions at the bottom of the screen? Is it safer choice to ignore the original in all it’s glory so we can see a bunch of US ‘soap opera’ actors playing the roles in our native tongue?

So I was left with a rather familiar feeling in my bones – I had come across this outcome with another awesome Found Footage film…

Unfortunately, in all it’s glory REC was not enough for the American public – it has been ( poorly ) remade leaving a lot of people knowing nothing about the original.

I’m not going to name the remake – it exists and that’s all you need to know.

I am going to review the original though…and leave the remake for some other film site to drool over.

The Plot

Now I’ve got my rant out of the way we should really get into the reason you landed up on this page in the first place…

REC follows a local Spanish TV reporter and her trusty cameraman as they film ‘a day in the life’ of a fire brigade crew. The reporter is your typical good looking gal that works well in front of the camera, darting about the firehouse charming the workers into interviews.

To be honest it’s not the most exciting documentary she’s been involved with until the station gets an emergency call out. She jumps on board with the crew to film the escapades of the local heroes.

It turns out that the emergency is at an apartment block but there is no fire to tackle when they arrive there. Instead they are instructed to trace an old lady that lives in the building – probably some sort of heart attack or age related concern.

The fire crew rush upstairs and Angela and her trusty cameraman follow suit. When they locate the old lady they realize that she is in quite a poorly condition…

But this is no heart attack!

One of The Best Spanish Horror Movies

This film was an absolute delight to watch which makes it so irritating to think it has been tinkered with on the basis of language.

We are basically locked in a building full of virus-ridden inhabitants who are dead set on eating anything that moves. Add this to the Found Footage environment and you’ve got one kick-ass horror experience.

Like most Found Footage efforts there is a slight build before we get to mental mayhem. I’d say there’s a slow-paced first 30 minutes that is followed by one of the most ferocious 40 minutes you’re ever likely to see in this genre.


A Spanish masterclass in Found Footage really – there’s not much more I can say about the movie.

It’s got everything and it’s put together brilliantly – cinematography, acting, audio, direction…everything is absolutely spot on!

So it’s not in English!

Well pick up your spectacles and read something for once – there were things called books before the Kindle hit the market!

I only hope that you’re lucky enough to watch this movie before you stumble upon the rather transparent remake.

Well worth an hour and twenty minutes of ANY horror fan’s time.




  1. I enjoyed the story in REC, but honestly found all the yelling and loud audio far too jarring.

    • Yeah it does get pretty frantic at times but that’s what I love about it 🙂

  2. Totally agree with you! I wouldn’t name the remake too because, even though i love that protagonist, it’s a mere copy almost scene by scene, so what’s the point, right? And i don’t like REC’s sequels, but this original REC is for me in the top 3 of the genre, as you said it’s brilliant!

    • Hi Christian,
      I love the first two REC films but the 3rd and 4th offerings seem to lose the plot completely – they should of stuck to the Found Footage format and stayed away from the zombie-fest type movie!

  3. (oh, i forgot to mention: the remake wasn’t necessary at all, but still it was made by the same guy who gave us the poughkeepsie tapes and as above so below – both very good, so… it feels kinda bad dismissing it like this hahaha)

    • Well you learn something new every day – I didn’t realize that the maker had a link to Poughkeepsie Tapes and as Above so Below. Both of these titles are awesome Found Footage offerings!!!

  4. Although I do not share your loathing of the remake (I enjoyed it – probably because I say it before seeing Rec), this is a classic example of what ff movies can bring to the horror genre. It is disappointing that they abandoned the style when doing the last 2 remakes…

    • Hi Mikel,
      Yeah completely agree with the last two releases – completely lost the plot and direction was awful.

  5. Mmm, I kinda have a soft spot for Quarantine because the budget is so high and the picture quality too, for a FF movie. I feel confident recommending it to friends even if they don’t like FF, kinda like Cloverfield. But REC 1 and 2 are great movies, no doubt!

    • Hi Modji,
      Well it’s a good movie, nothing wrong with it, but it’s a direct mirror of the original – this sort of leaves it in a bit of a pointless existence really. Why was it ever made? I struggle to understand the reasons behind it other than lazy watchers who can’t read English. If that is the only reason behind it being released I can never include it on this site!

      • You would be surprised. My dad is a person that cant stand reading in movies because it takes away form what is happening on the screen so he can only watch movies with spanish audio (My mother language). I think there are many people out there like that enough to warrant being catered to.

        I kind of watch subbed movies as a last resort kind of thing so i guess i have a little of that.

  6. Wow too harsh on the american version, since i saw both in spanish i can say that the remake is as good as the original. Maybe im biased because i saw the american one first. Though i guess since REC 1&2 are the whole package (3 is unrelated and the other is not even found footage so ignore them) watching REC should be anyones priority.

    But please Quarentine is a good adaptation.

    • I can’t go for any film that’s born out of people unable to read subtitles or unwilling to listen to a foreign language I’m afraid. That’s not what we started this site up for, we only deal in originals ( no matter what their native tongue ) 🙂

  7. I do agree making a movie because people can’t read subtitles is a ridiculous motive. I just don’t think there is any way the director or anyone involved made it for that reason. They made it out of love for the original story, like one musician’s covering of another’s song. Can’t we all share stories and put our own take on them? The american version is obviously a rip-off, but does have its differences, and in the end it is a found footage film worth watching for some people. No offense to you I think you are a wonderful critic, just my 2 cents:)

    • No problems Kevin – we all have our opinions here!!!

      I just can’t stomach English versions of foreign language films, I’m Welsh but I actually lived in Europe as a teenager. Most of them can speak English yet we cannot speak their language…then we take their creativity and plaster our own language over it! It never sits right and it never succeeds – if it’s not broken don’t fix it!

      • Wow I was rewatching rec the other day for the first time in a while and never realized how much Quarantined completely copied the movie. I agree with you 100% now haha

  8. I agree completely REC is a fantastic film – and I rate REC2 even (slightly) higher! 🙂 Only two things I differ on; I thought Quarantine was pretty darned good in its own way, and I think REC: Genesis is even better than 2 (I haven’t had a chance to see the fourth one yet).

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