Reel Evil ( 2012 ) – Haunted Abandoned Hospitals


Haunted Abandoned Hospitals

I don’t known about you but I’m getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about haunted abandoned hospitals in this genre. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve encountered this ‘subject matter’ since the success of the awesome Grave Encounters.

Reel Evil is yet another Found Footage effort based in one of these abandoned facilities. My heart sank when I read the synopsis of the film but rose again when I realized good old Danny Draven was behind the camera…

Not Bad

I like Danny Draven and we promote his excellent book on this site – but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be biased to his film.

Reel Evil was a decent addition to the Found Footage genre but nothing more. It was steady from start to finish but it failed to offer anything original which was a little disappointing overall.

The Plot

Struggling filmmakers – Kennedy, Cory and James – finally catch the break they were looking for when they are offered a gig to film a documentary.

This documentary is a ‘behind the scenes’ shoot for a major film in a abandoned hospital. When they arrive at the hospital the movie crew don’t exactly welcome them with open arms.

They decide to ditch the gig they were offered and make their own way around the abandoned mental facility – they set off alone to film their very own documentary.

As they wander further into the depths of the hospital strange events begin to occur and they must decide whether they are real or all part of a prank.

Are they the victims of the film crew’s strange sense of humor or are they in a lot more danger than they realize…

Watchable But Not Memorable

The film is extremely watchable and you don’t really have to concentrate that much to enjoy it. I just found it a shame that Draven didn’t go that extra mile and offer us something a little different for a change.

None of the Found Footage rules have been re-written here – but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad film. Danny Draven has made sure that the three main characters are portrayed by very competent actors.

The three of them work well together and manage to hold a good level of banter and humor that keeps the script flowing.

The film was only 77 minutes long so there was no time for the story to lag – there was a steady build to your typical Found Footage climax.

Haunted Abandoned Hospitals

This wasn’t bad, but it could of been a heck of a lot better. Draven is known for making rather decent low budget horror films and I think that is what the main problem was here – the budget.

Whilst the three main characters are well suited and believable the surrounding cast was absolutely dire.

When this happens a Found Footage film loses all it’s realistic elements and ends up looking like a student project. Thankfully the majority of the film focuses on the three main actors and the surrounding characters just supply a sort of cameo.

The CGI was decent without being mind-blowing and there were a few ‘jump-out-of-your-seat’ moments.

All in all it was certainly worth watching but it won’t make the elite list – about average overall.




  1. Actually a pretty darn good movie…except for the gratuitous nudity.

    • Hey Mikel!

      Yeah there was no real need for the nudity but a lot of indie horrors throw it in there for good measure LOL.

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