Replay XD 1080 Review – Replay POV Camera


the replay pov cameraProduct: Replay XD Prime X

Subject: Replay XD 1080 Review

Price: $299 ( Retail )

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Our Rating: 9 out if 10

The best action shot digital camera will offer you a feature set for more professional use and results. That was exactly what we were hoping for when we purchased the Replay XD Prime X a few weeks ago.

Overall, we were so impressed with the camera we decided to write a review about our experiences with it so far. In this Replay XD 1080 Review, we will discuss how well it works, how durable it is, some minor drawbacks with it, and where to get the best deal when you buy it online.

By the end of this review, you should have a good idea as to whether this Replay POV camera is right for you.

Replay XD 1080 Review – Product Overview

This Replay POV camera is the fourth generation of robust action cameras from Replay XD. The Replay XD Prime X replaces the previous model and features a new 16-megapixel, 1/2″ sensor.

The camera boasts an aerospace aluminium chassis, super smooth remote control, and super crisp high quality. The camera is capable of shooting 1080p video and transmitting the video via Wi-Fi.

Below is an overview of the Video/photo and Optics specs:

replay xd 1080 review of specs

The Good & The Bad

the best action shot digital camera on the marketThe Pros:

  • 1080p video recording
  • Simple user interface
  • 4 GB MicroSD card included
  • Much longer battery life than previous models
  • 16x megapixel CMOS sensor
  • 240fps slo-mo
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Features high sensitivity, better dynamic range and low noise
  • Easy placement column shaped body

The Cons:

  • No night vision function
  • Greater resources are needed for the higher usage formats

Who is The Replay XD Prime X For?

This camera is ideal for shooting videos of action packed scenarios, extreme sports, high speed race situations or even a video vacation. Simply put – it’s perfect for shooting just about ANYTHING outdoors!

Our Final Opinion on The Replay POV Camera

We were really impressed by XD Prime’s simple interface for video resolution changes – it was very easy to get to grips with. The product as a whole was light and extremely durable so there are never any problems with placement.

The fitted rechargeable battery lasted us about three hours after it’s first charge but we have been told it can last well over 3.5 hours in certain circumstances.

Inside the box the camera comes with a load of accessories and mounts which was a brilliant bonus – check out the list below:

replay xd prime x accessories

It is simple to mount and adjust the camera, and the lens can be rotated 360º to capture just about any viewpoint or mounting location.

If you are thinking of creating a project in shallow water you will be pleased to know that the camera can reach depths of 10 feet and still work flawlessly.

We loved the fact that the settings on the camera could be controlled through iOS or Android device – again this worked flawlessly through every advanced control parameter available.

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We hope you found this review helpful and if you have any questions about this Replay POV camera or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment in the section below.


  1. Your Replay XD 1080 Review is great with all the detail of pros and cons. I have never seen this camera before and I can see how much has changed by its design to my previous cameras for taking video.
    I can see where the cons for memory would come in but when you think of size, ease of use and the quality of recording that is quite impressive. It’s definitely a camera I could take some more time to check out.

    • Hi Travis,
      Yeah this is definitely a pretty cool piece of kit – I was more than impressed by the overall quality of it ( and it’s a great choice to film a Found Footage film with!!! ).

  2. Hi,
    Fine Thanks for this and showing us where we can buy digital camera and before I make any purchases I want know how can one trust this amazon to buy from them , I mean how reliable it is and who pays for delivering costs.
    Thank you see you again.

    • Hi Divican,
      Yes, Amazon are a well known and well respected online retailer – you can trust them 🙂
      As for delivery, in most cases the items are dispatched for free ( it varies from product to product but in the majority of instances you do not pay for shipping etc ).
      I’ll leave the decision in your capable hands!

  3. Hey, Chris

    The Replay XD 1080 video camera looks and sounds pretty awesome!

    I know a friend who uses something similar when she plays airsoft, and her videos look amazing 🙂

    I do a lot of jogging, so your camera recommendation would be ideal for me to record the routes I run along just for a bit of fun.

    I’m definitely gonna look in to this camera, so thanks for the review.

    Cheers. Neil

    • Hi Neil,
      I’m a regular distance runner myself – I never thought about using the XD to record my routes ( good idea! ). Good luck with your filming 🙂

  4. That’d be pretty cool if this had night vision because it looks dope ,would be good for music videos or something.

    is it just a lense? I would love to see it in action one day if possible, will you ever upload a video of your own with it?

    Matt TheDopestMatrix

    • LOL I know – night vision would have been awesome for shooting a few Found Footage films!
      It’s a complete camera mate – one of those head cams that sportsmen use these days ( extreme sports in particular! )

  5. Hi Chris – Quite a nice little compact camera. I have never really been into photography, just never interested me.
    Having said that this looks like a decent bit of kit. One that even I could use. I may just investigate this. Would you recommend it for a complete novice?
    Thanks for the review

    • Hi Mark,
      It would work for a novice yes, but you have to understand it’s an action cam – more suited to shots ‘on the go’ if you know what I mean?

  6. Hi Chris,
    Very nice review about the camera, after reading your review, it surely is easier to decide whether or not this is a camera that anyone would buy. You cover the best feature and also the not so great. I think the price is also good, so if I know anyone who maybe interested in buying a camera similar to this, I would ask them to read your review. Thanks.

  7. Great review I must say,a powerful video camera.
    It almost look like a flashlight so small and compact.

    So many family events with grandchildren and all this would be perfect for me or any growing and extended family,

    Love the 1080p video recording and Wi-FI connectivity
    feature.Also I would say 3 hrs is enough time to capture video memories forever.

    Like your review,thanks

    Manuel f Herrera jr

  8. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for this great review on the XD 1080 POV camera. It looks like it is small and lightweight. This is perfect for outdoor activities. Are there any accessories that come with it to help attach it to a helmet or a bike? I know my cousin is into recording his high action stunts on his bike. In addition, have you had a chance to use it indoors? I would like to see how versatile it is. Why buy two cameras when one can do multiple things. Anyway, thanks for a great review and I will be sure to send my cousin to your web site.

    • Hi Val,
      Yes there are accessories to help you along in the product package but you can also purchase extras for it as well. We did actually use it indoors to see how it would fair as a Found Footage filmmaking device – it was pretty awesome!
      Look forward to meeting your cousin 🙂

  9. Chris, you have given me a thorough walk through on what the replay xd 1080 pov is. I was disappointed however that its storage capacity was just 4gig. I wonder if you can put a higher memory capacity chip into it. I am a bit skeptical on its watertightness as to be able to withstand pressure of 10m deep. Did you try it in such an environment?

    • Hi Emmanuel,
      What you have to realize is that this is an action cam – it’s not meant to be laden down with big storage because it’s best worn on headgear. At the end of the day 4gb is quite a decent size for recorded video, it fits quite a lot!
      I really wouldn’t worry about the waterproof side of things at all – it’s made to withstand ten FEET of water and not ten METERS as you thought 🙂

  10. Very simple and effective review of Replay XD Prime X. It is really tough to go through detailed technical reviews for a layman like me. I am not an outdoor guy but if I ever decide to buy such a camera then I will surely give it a preference. Is this available in India also?

    • Well I certainly would of thought so Chander – the links will take you straight through to the Amazon demographic that is closest to you 🙂

  11. Ok, at first I thought this was camera I saw in one video. I totally forgot name and never found it again. That camera was designed as a fishing bobber so you can see fish in action. This one looks similar but I guess not the right one.

    Anyway this one looks interesting too. So small but powerful. Pretty good competitor to GoPro, if I can say that.

    • Yes, it’s pretty much a competitor to the GoPro Artie – I suppose you could use it for certain fishing actions…if you think outside the box a bit 🙂

  12. Great product! I have never heard of cameras like these. I am a photographer. Both nature and portraits. This looks like the camera that I need to have. I am thinking about getting into video and this looks like a great camera to do that with.I will have to check it out. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi liz, it’s a great option for video on the move more than anything – I’m not so sure about stationary nature shots etc.

  13. Hi Chris

    This is clearly a great piece of tech. And the tag price seems reasonable for the characteristics it has.

    I have a question, what are the slow motion capabilities of this one, I wasn’t able to find it in the description and I think nowadays is very important.

    Great review and thanks in advance!

    Always making great reviews there Chris, cheers!!

    • Hi Fito,
      If you are looking into slow-mo don’t look at the camera itself – look at the editing software you are using! Slow Motion is a delicate process that should be handled by the likes of Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas plugins. Hope this helps 🙂

  14. Hi Chris,

    I’m heading off to Europe in a month on a big adventure (I’m planning on doing some vlogging there as well) and I’ve been in the market for a video camera.

    I have an old Canon EOS 40D which works fine as a camera but doesn’t have any video capacity. I’m going to be travelling indefinitely with just carry on luggage so I was looking for something really small, but I also was hoping it would be water proof too.

    After reading this review, I think I definitely have to keep this camera in mind! It’s not too expensive either so it seems like it might actually be the best option!

    Thanks for the super helpful review.


    • Hi Katia – that’s great news!
      Hope you enjoy your trip to Europe ( wish I could find the time to go on holiday! )

  15. This is a great product & must have! Take it from experience, I bought this camera 2 months ago & took it with me on a trip to the Amazon with some buddies of mine. Unfortunately we couldnt use it at night because of no night vision however we had a great experience when we needed it during the day & especially crossing the amazon river. Surprised you only rated it a 9, I give it a 9.5 out of 10 but thanks for sharing.

    • That trip sounds awesome Yves! Glad you were able to catch some daytime footage with this product!

  16. I love action camera’s. This one looks good. The 240fps slo-mo and the wi-fi capabilities are awesome. Having both dynamic range and low noise at the same time is a total bonus. Any dynamic range is welcomed in something so small.

  17. Hi,
    Thank you so much for that useful post, that was really interesting, I have a question about that action camera, as you know GoPro cameras are so popular now a days, my website is all about drones and one the most interesting aspects of them is carrying a action camera so the drone will be able to record while flying. Most of the drones are equipped with GoPro but I want to know if this camera has any specific mount to be attached to a drone or not? If yes, what would be the price. as it’s price is cheaper and it’s quality is fine it could be a offer for drone customers who want to spend less for a camera.
    Thank you so much and wishing all the best,

    • Hi Kaveh,

      That’s a really good question actually! GoPro cameras come with a huge list of accessories these days so I’m pretty sure they’ll have something on the market to cover drones – try a simple Amazon search and see what pops up!

  18. Great review. I was actually looking for something like this so I could do my reviews while driving in my car. This would definitely come in handy. Such a small portable video camera I love it. I just wonder how the strap looks. Can I attach this to my head somehow? Besides that I know I would buy it and its not a bad price for a vid camera that can record in hd and also has wifi capabilities. As you mentioned the con I wouldn’t like is that it doesn’t have nightvision which is a bummer.

    • Hi Brandon,

      Yes, it’s a POV camera so it is designed to be attached to the head in some way 🙂

  19. Hello,
    I have never seen this product before. It sounds and looks like it is worth the price. I agree that a con would be having no night vision function. That might be a turnoff for some people. However, as an overall product it seems like a very good deal. Best of luck.

  20. Oh wow! I’ve never seen a camera like this before. How big is it? I would imagine it would be very easy to store and perfect for travelling.

    I really like how you’ve layed out your review so clearly. Very easy to follow. The pros and cons really helped me to see all the good and bad points about the Replay XD 1080!

    • Well it’s pretty small Hannah, designed to go on a helmet or a body piece ( like a little torch length really! )

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