Robert The Doll Curse

The Famous Robert The Doll Curse

I couldn’t go any further into this site without covering the Robert the doll curse due to it’s extremely creepy nature. Every time I look at this doll it goes straight through me – from head to toe!

If I didn’t already know the whole story I would still get a little freaked out by this doll’s aura…….

It’s Usually Clowns

Robert The Doll CurseYep it’s usually clowns (or more specifically clown dolls) that freak the ____ out of me but this doll certainly has what it takes. I first came across the legend of Robert the doll about three years back as I saw a picture of the doll in a sidebar of a pretty lame website.

Instantly taken aback by how awful it looked I had to click on the picture and I was taken through to another shady paranormal website that covered the story of the Robert the doll curse. It took me about half an hour to get through the whole story due to the site continuously throwing adverts and malware at me but it was worth it – Robert had caught my imagination!

The Robert The Doll Curse

So our story starts with a young boy named Robert Eugene Otto – also known as ‘Gene’ to his family!

It was somewhere in the early 1900’s that one of the family’s maids decided to give Gene a present and turned up with this rather creepy looking doll.

The doll was a pretty strange object in that it was the same size as Gene when stood upright. This did not deter Gene though and he loved it – it went everywhere with him!

It wasn’t long before the doll was given a name by Gene – Robert! Why he named the doll after himself? No one knows! But it wasn’t long after this naming that the strange stuff began to happen – and people began to notice………

Talking to Himself

The Family and the servants soon became very aware that Gene had some sort of imaginary friend. He would spend hours in his bedroom holding conversations with himself.

The problem was he would be holding these conversations with himself but in two entirely different voices – creepy or what?

Talking to Himself

The nights would continuously be disrupted by the sound of Gene screaming! When the servants or the family members would arrive at Gene’s bedroom they would find the place upturned and Robert the doll sitting calmly at the end of the bed staring intently at the young boy.

Robert Did it! 

Strange things began to happen in the household and Gene’s parents became very aware of this. Whenever anything would happen Gene would claim that ‘Robert did it’.

The parents became more and more freaked out due to the fact they both heard strange laughing sounds around the house when only themselves and the doll were present.

robert did it!

Certain passersby often claimed they had witnessed the small outline of a figure walking from room to room on the top floor of the house.

The parents got to the point where they were too freaked out and Robert the doll was locked in the attic – he stayed there for many years…..

The Return

Gene was lucky enough to inherit has family’s mansion in Key West Florida after his parents had died. As soon as he had the chance he returned his old friend to his boyhood bedroom in the turret of the mansion.

Gene was an artist and he would spend his days painting whilst under the watchful eye of his friend Robert.

Gene eventually found love and decided to marry moving his bride into the mansion with him. It wasn’t long before tales of her disdain for the creepy doll arose and she constantly fought with Gene about him.

There was only going to be one winner in this battle and the Robert the doll curse took it’s first victim.

Apparently after locking the doll back up in the attic Gene’s wife slowly decayed into a world of madness – she didn’t have long left on this planet after this!

Gene himself was said to have died in old age with Robert perched close to his side…….


These days Robert the doll is locked in the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. People are keen to see the doll but they keep well back from the protective glass casing that surrounds him.

You are not advised to take a photo of Robert without the consent of the Museums owners. All around the glass casing are messages from people who are still effected by Robert’s curse – most of these are apologizing for taking photos without permission and begging for Robert’s forgiveness………


  1. Wow, awesome article! I enjoy reading things like this, I hate to admit I’m afraid of dolls (something about watching X files when I was a kid and ruined them for me…) but this was great. Do you believe in all this? It’s great to hear from others discussing cases like this.

    I used to collect books on the unexplained covering various UFO incidents and paranormal stories – I was actually looking for them the other day in storage but no luck so far (attic is full of old junk – like most people’s!)

    Thanks, Dan.

    • Hi there Dan,

      It’s great to have so many people landing on this website that are geeks…just like me! I also used to collect these ‘unexplained mysteries’ books and had a pretty big collection. Unfortunately I also have no idea where they are now!!!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading our article mate – spread the word! (sharing is caring!).

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