Rorschach (2015) – Movie Review

Rorschach (2015) - Movie Review

Got sick of overlooking this film every time I went to post something here – for some reason it’s title never seems to stand out on my list.

So, new year – new start – time to get this rather impressive movie up and running on the site.

Oh, and thanks to all of you who contacted me regarding this film over the last 12 months or so – I know I’m late getting it up here, but I heard all your cries! 🙂

The Plot

Two skeptic researchers investigate a mother’s claim that an unknown presence may be trying to communicate with her 7-year-old daughter.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility…

That’s so true in the Found Footage genre.

Think about it for a minute…

What’s the most powerful weapon the Found Footage genre has given the horror scene?


It’s given filmmakers the power to produce their own horror movie with minimum production requirements.

Now, one would think this is a good thing…

But more often than not the gift is abused, and we end up watching a complete shit-fest in the vain hope something ‘original’ is going to happen.

But when the gift is not abused – we get awesome little gems like Rorschach.

Director C.A. Smith has taken the Found Footage gift and used it in a subtle yet effective way – why aren’t more filmmakers this steady?

He’s managed to put together a project that offers staunch acting, unexpected scares, a believable atmosphere and a solid plot with deliberate pacing.

To top it all off – they’ve even allowed it to be uploaded to YouTube where you can watch it for free!


Top stuff!

The movie’s deliberate pacing really got a hold of me – some may find this kind of journey a little boring, but I certainly didn’t.

It’s not the type of Found Footage film that scares you through loud noises or ‘jump scenes’ – it’s uneasy feeling comes from the realistic approach to it’s plot.

The acting side of the movie was impressive – all of the characters fit the bill and there were no instances of overacting or ‘strangled’ performances.

The only downside to the experience was the film’s conclusion – I found this a little disappointing.

We are introduced to the pair of skeptic researchers at the start of the film, so we know they are going to survive whatever ordeal we witness in the footage.

This led to the ending being a bit of a damp squid – but not enough of a pisser to ruin the whole movie. I got the feeling there was a much larger plot going on in the background of the movie – but we were not allowed to see this, and the climax sort of acted as a gate to stop us from seeing more…

But, as I said, this certainly doesn’t ruin the Found Footage experience.

I’ve sat through about 30 to 40 Found Footage films over the last two months…and I’m sad to report that only about 10 of them have displayed ANYTHING memorable.

This whole genre of filmmakers should take the time to watch C.A. Smith’s Rorschach so they can see where they are going wrong.

You don’t need a big budget, you don’t need to fit ape suits into the shot, you don’t need actors picked up from the Drive-Through at MacDonald’s…and you don’t need teenagers crying into the camera uttering the same shit…

“Mum, Dad, I’m so sorry…I just want to go home…I’m so scared…..blah…blah”

A solid example of Found Footage done on a shoestring budget – recommended.



  1. Bang. There it is. Congratulations on finally taking the Rorschach plunge. God knows I’ve put movies off for years for no real good reason just to end up finally seeing it and loving it. Awesome review of the movie. I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the director of Rorschach to see what may come from him next but I have not noticed anything yet.

    • Yeah turns out I’d watched it a several months back – without realizing it was on YouTube in a better format (much higher resolution!). Tidy film indeed – should have posted it here as soon as I’d watched it really but….
      BTW check out the Geek Films section and throw a few ideas on subjects my way – I get thousands of visitors to this site every week through those articles alone! (the link is in the right sidebar)

  2. This is paranormal / poltergeist activity done right. Everyone’s reactions were spot on. The understated tone, not lamely resorting to a soundtrack (except for the beginning) and the restrained use of CGI all contributed to a very realistic movie experience. I really, really enjoyed this one. Anyone who’s thinking about making a found footage movie should be required by law to watch this one first!

    • Sorry mate – this comment ended up in the site’s security for some reason? (fuck knows why I pay for that thing!).
      Anyway, stoked to hear you enjoyed the film mate – sorry for the late posting of your comment (fucking technology!!!!)

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