RWD (2015) – Movie Review

RWD (2015) - Movie Review

Yet again this title was recommended to me and yet again I’ve completely forgotten who recommended it (I get a lot of emails from this website!).

So sorry about that if you’re reading this – just contact me directly or leave a comment in the section below and I’ll give you a shout out!

Anyway, let’s get back to RWD

The Plot

Hmmm this is a tough one! If I go over the plot in a typical way I’ll sort of kill off the only real twist in the movie…

So it’s back to stealing the plot line off IMDb (if they ever find out how often I’ve done this they’ll have my head on a pole…).

Two men went searching for ghosts, but they found themselves instead…

Short and sweet but that’s actually all they have up on IMDb – thanks to a member named Twenty Eighteen Seventy-Six.

Beavis & Butt-head

Okay I’m not going to beat around the bush here – this film had a pretty awesome plot behind it that SHOULD of worked out well in the Found Footage genre…

But it didn’t…at all.

Why, oh why, oh why did the filmmakers decide to portray themselves as two of the biggest wankers ever seen on the big (or relatively small) screen?

For those of you too young to remember (god I feel old!), here is a picture of Adam Hartley and Matt Stuertz

Beavis & Butt-Head

No, of course they don’t look like that…but for some unknown reason their on-screen characters act like the famous masturbating freaks!

Their plot is actually unique, exciting, and at some points a joy to watch…

Their choice of character development is absolute sh#t!

I get the feeling that Hartley and Stuertz have been told at some point in their lives that they are funny…maybe by their parents?

Anyway – whoever told them this deserves to be shot!


I think that the REAL shame about RWD is that it knows it is full of holes…right from the start. On top of this – these holes would have easily been plugged up by some half-decent actors who knew how to carry a (strong) plot!

The movie’s main strength lies in it’s third act…but the first two acts are so painful…I really don’t know how many watchers are going to end up at the third act!

This is a big shame as the climax has some truly astonishing scenes which were really well played out, even with a limited budget.

I think another downfall is that I really didn’t give a f##k what happened to Hartley and Stuertz’s characters.

When the real danger broke in I was all up for watching them get shot to shit…this is obviously NOT what they were aiming for!

It’s really important to remember that this movie was filmed, written, edited, and shot by two people. Who also acted in it.

It’s also important to remember that I can be a right git at times when it comes to reviewing films.

So, with that in mind, please give this film a go if you have the time…

This film had some EXCELLENT scenes in it (and I mean ‘excellent’ because I used capitals to write it!) but it was seriously let down by the egos of the two main characters…

…But they were probably doing their best with the tools god gave ’em! 🙂



  1. Yeah. That was me who suggested rwd. Maybe some other people did as well. Great review. I felt the same way. I’m hoping the director will try another found footage film soon. I almost pissed myself laughing when they started to scare themselves and the host of the show is cracking up and yelling- “I’m pussy and a loser” over and over again. I’ll talk to you soon when I find another found footage film!

    • Hey Howard – Sorry for the delay!

      Cheers for letting us know – I was searching frantically through my emails trying to find the message that contained this film…and I couldn’t f##king find it anywhere! No, you were the only one that suggested this film – I had seen the front cover on Putlocker but I didn’t know it was a Found Footage title!

  2. Oh Lord where to start with this movie… They had this fresh and interesting idea and somehow turned it into a festival of total stupidity. It was painful but at the same time quite interesting experience. I’ve never seen this much of weirdness in this genre so it was kind of a twist. Third act was most intense one but by the time it begun I totally stopped caring about those two idiots. I mean if they didn’t care what the hell they were doing why should the audience care? And yes to the movies credit the effect were great and the idea itself – awesome. Anyway glad I saw it but the shock was just too much.

    • Yeah it was a shame they acted like this – I thought the whole ‘idea’ behind the film was great but execution was poor…

  3. I think I also mentioned this movie in an email to you just before Christmas, along with “Mortal Remains” and something else. Anyway, I can pretty much get in line with the critisism. I was in a very good mood the day I watched it and sort of gave it a pass on some of the negative sides. This happens to me a lot. Specially with FF movies. For instance, I thought “Megan is Missing” was great when I first watched it and then when I gave it another shot one year later, I couldn’t believe how flawed and stupid it was.

    • I haven’t watched Megan is Missing for a while now John….although I enjoyed it immensely at the time. It’s one of those titles which never appealed to me to watch twice – when the plot is out in the open it’s not something I’d look to sit through again (although I may now!) 🙂

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