Samson SASR850C – Best Open Back Headphones

Best Open Back Headphones

Product: Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones

Price: $49.99

Type of Headphones: Professional Open Back

Our Rating: 8 out of Ten

Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones – Product Overview

The best open back headphones for filmmakers don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive ( isn’t that a relief! ).

Most of the ‘big players’ in the audio industry cater for the sightly poorer professional and more often than not their budget products are very impressive.

This is the case with the Samson SASR850C – a relatively low priced option for professional headphones. The open back design offers maximum isolation of sound and great detail to the listener.

They offer a fantastic listening solution for newbie musicians, sound engineers and general music enthusiasts alike.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • ​Very wide wide dynamic range provided by the 50 mm drivers
  • A 10hz-30khz frequency response
  • Maximum isolation achieved by the open backed design
  • Self adjusting headband for a secure and comfortable fit no matter where you are
  • Comes with a 1/8-inch to 1/4-inch gold plated adapter
  • Fantastic value due to it’s very reasonable price

The Cons:

  • ​​Need to be put through a “burn-in” period – sound a little “muddy” and bass-heavy when you first get them
  • I found the ear cups to be a little irritating in hot weather due to sweat
  • They have a tendency to leak sound if played at extreme levels ( this may irritated the person next to you when in use! )

Who Are The ​Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones For?

As I mentioned above these Samson headphones are an exceptional choice for newcomers to audio engineering, new musicians and independent filmmakers.

I wouldn’t usually recommend anything this ‘budget’ when it comes to audio engineering but these are easily as effective as the Sony V6 Headphones ( that happen to cost twice the price! ).

Our Final Opinion on The Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones

So it seems the best open back headphones don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive ones. The Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones are quite a bargain!

I tested them over a variety of music styles from the 70’s, 80’s, to 90’s and onward and they were impressive with every one.

The ‘burning in’ period happens with a lot of audio equipment so it’s nothing out of the blue. It took about two hours for the headphones to really start kicking at me with the high end burning through.

The screw on gold connector is of a high quality and the cable is thankfully very long ( I hate it when the cables are to short! ).

If You Are Looking For The Best Open Back Headphones on a Budget Then Look no Further:

US Product – Samson SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones

UK Product – Samson SASR850C Professional Studio Reference Open Back Headphones


  1. Great review! I am a hobbyist film maker myself and do some light video work for my office from time to time so, I don’t need an overly expensive set of headphones. I like your site and have bookmarked it so I can get reviews of other things. Can you recommend a decent boom mic that won’t break my budget? Thanks

    • Hi Timm,
      Sennheiser seem to have ‘moved on’ from being a budget audio brand these days to more reliable source of reasonably priced equipment. I would suggest checking out the Boom mics they have on offer at the moment – good quality without the big price tag!!!
      Cheers for stopping by and bookmarking us 🙂

  2. Hi, Chris

    It seems that the world is going back to the 80’s with hairstyles, fashion, shoes and big earphones, especially here in the UK!

    But I do love your review on the Samson SASR850C headphones and it takes me back to when I was younger too 🙂

    The price is very reasonable and after seeing your high score, I will have to invest in to these headphones.

    Cheers! Neil

    • Yeah they look pretty retro don’t they – awesome style! They also sound as good as they look 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this review. I am always looking for headphones to use with my multi-effects pedal that I use when practicing guitar. These particular ones seem to be pretty nice for this purpose. How are these with ear fatigue? I can only use my current cans for about 30 minutes before my ears start to hurt.

    • Hi Kevin,
      I know what you mean about painful ears – I can only go about an hour usually before I get a little ‘sore’. These seem pretty comfortable – it’s the big 80’s style/padding that helps I think 🙂

  4. Hi! I don’t know much about film/music making and I am not really in touch with the technologies that are required by people in the audio industry, but i must say that your review is rather interesting! And I agree that this set of headphones looks pretty retro, black plain and simple – nothing too flashy. One con that I can think of is that headphones are rather bulky and can be hard to carry around as compared to earphones.

    • Yeah they are a bit bulky but you have to understand they ain’t really designed for the Mp3 generation – they are a more precise type studio option for audio 🙂

  5. Hi Chris,

    Great piece of headset within budget, even though I am not into film making or similar stuff, but i look to make videos every now and then for my website and youtube channel, Hope it will be good for my work too.

    Thanks for your great review

    • I’ll be honest with you Kunal – these headphones will work well in just about any situation. Samson don’t mess about – they always release quality audio equipment ( and always have! )

  6. Great review,

    I had no idea headphones were of great importance to filmmakers?

    I suppose they have to get all the sounds right so the movie sounds impressive but I always thought of a filmmaker dealing with the visual side of things.

    Thanks for sharing this detailed review, I’m sure it will help a lot of people in the industry.

    • Hi Aiden!
      Well yeah, headphones are crucial to the audio engineering aspect of filmmaking – poor audio = poor film!!!

  7. Hey Chris, thanks for this detailed review! I have been in the market for some new headphones and am really glad I came across your review. I haven’t heard much about Samson products, but after reading this I can say I’m definitely interested. I see you think highly of these headphones, but could you give me a brief explanation of how these headphones are better than Beats by Dre? Thanks, looking forward to your reply!

    • ( Gasp! ) Well that’s a pretty difficult one Erik – I’m not really a fan of the Beats/Dre product!
      These are by Samson so they are geared towards all genres of music, I find the Beats product to be nothing more than a gimmick centered towards DJ based producers with little real musical knowledge ( harsh but true LOL ).

  8. Hey Chris,

    Great review.

    I love your opening paragraph where you stated that the best open back headphones don’t have to be the most expensive.

    It is fantastic that they make super high quality headphones that are value for money, this is obviously a company that cares about it’s customers by giving them maximum potential without the maximum price tag.

    Freedom Weight Loss

    • Hey Aiden,
      A lot of the ‘bigger’ companies are now releasing slightly cheaper options without compromising on the quality – it’s pretty awesome really, especially for newbies 🙂

  9. Hello Chris,

    The Samsung SASR850 headphones look like a good option if you only have $50 to spend. You mentioned the Sony V6 headphones cost twice as much. What are the top of the line headphones that you would recommend if the budget allowed for simply the best quality headphones out there?

    Thank you for this review – well done!


    • That’s a really hard question to answer Tony – it’s down to what you actually want from the headphones. I’ve always gone for AKG models but nearly every top of the line maker provides an excellent model! It’s got to be down to the individual 🙂

  10. Hi chris, I’ve land here looking for good earphone but was not looking in anything that is specifically design for audio engineer. I’m just a movie and series passionate that was looking in a quality headsets. At that price for the quality would they be good for TV listening? Please let me know and thanks in advance for your answer.

    • Hi Phil,
      Yes these headphones would work well in any audio situation really. You may actually want to choose something a little cheaper if you are just looking to listen to TV with them 🙂

  11. Hi Chris,
    Wow, I was reading your review and thinking if these headphones would work well for game players? Since they are good for audio engineers and musicians I thought they’d be good for my son to play games with, The ones he has are very old and the quality is questionable. The price for these Samson are really good, it’s a good investment.

    • Yeah they’d work pretty well for gamers Ana but you must remember that there is not a mic attached to these headphones – gamers like to talk 🙂

  12. I read your article about best-open-back-headphones. There are lots of different headphones available in the market. I personally have purchased a few noise cancelling headphones and they are really good. You have given me some new insight about the open-back headphones and it is really worth reading. The pros and cons section is very helpful to understand.

  13. I have heard a lot of inexpensive speakers and headphones. I am a classical musician and getting the closest sound to an actual orchestra is very important to me. I have found that many speakers produce a solid low range and high range but not so good in the mid range. I find the products that produce a good mid range provide the warmest sound. Does this product have a good mid range? You already stated that it has a good low range. As for the sound bleeding over to people near me, I’m not all that concerned because the world revolves around me. lol

    • Hi Kirk,
      Being a Samson product, they offer a pretty much flat frequency response so sound reproduction across the spectrum is pretty much excellent. I have used them for monitoring mixdowns on many an occasion with no problems at all 🙂

  14. Great review. I happen to be making an independent film and looking for head phones. The Samson SASR850C fits the bill for the low price and the maximum isolation of sound, which is paramount for recording sound especially on location.

  15. Great Review! I find this headphone lacking style, but who cares about how it looks, as long as the audio is great, I would be happy. I am using the Audio Technica brand to satisfy my music listening needs. Plus, I use it for when I’m testing audio into Adobe After Effects.

    • Well Samson have never been that bothered about the way things look Mike…it’s the quality ‘under the bonnet’ that counts! 🙂

  16. This sounds like a pretty good choice for only $50. My boyfriend is a musician so I’ve been looking for some kind of professional headphones like this. It should make a nice gift. I’ll just have to tell him about the “two hour” burnout thing so he doesn’t get disappointed at first!

    • Hi Gina,
      Yeah the price is really cool – you get a high quality bit of kit for a budget cost ( a win-win really! )

  17. Hey! Great post you have created here.
    I had a recording studio a couple of years back and I know how important a good headphones are. These are really good…
    I’m sure many people will find this article useful and interesting as I did.
    Thanks for sharing this and have a great day!
    Cheers and good luck

  18. The headphones really look good. I don’t know much about media tools and whats best used but overall i enjoyed reading your review on this headphones. i practically need headphones for my normal use and not necessarily high tech so the beats by dre is just solid for me. but this seems like its used on stage and concerts.

    • Well they can be used for any form of audio really Kelly – for novice listening to more professional audio engineering! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion on them 🙂

  19. Hey Chris, as a headphone enthusiast myself I was pleasantly surprised to see your review on these studio monitor headphones. They seem very sturdy. Also, I like that the earcups are big enough to easily fit everyone’s ears. Some of the so-called over-ear headphones have earcups that are too small.

    The price seems awesome too. You’re absolutely right that decent headphones don’t have to cost you an arm or leg. Another great example are the Audio-Technica M-Series Professional Studio Monitors. Although they are closed-back.

    I’m quite fascinated to read that these open-backs have such great sound isolation, though.

    • Hi Jurgen,

      I was also surprised by the level of isolation offered by this particular set – they are a great all-round option in my book! 🙂

  20. Hi Chris,
    Interesting review. I din’t realise that headphones have a burning-in period. Sort of explains why the ones you test at the store sounds different to the ones you buy.
    What do you think of Sennheiser headphones? I have a pair and they are very good to use.
    Thanks for the information.

    • Sennheiser have always provided me with decent value and sound mate – I like them as a brand and I think they offer great value! 🙂

  21. This site is really helpful. These days when we have tons of information on internet and certainly not all information is helpful. But this site is really helpful and products are really good as you mentioned price and their specification. This is really helpful Which samsan model is best to buy during exercise?

    • Oh I wouldn’t really pick a Samson model of headphones for exercise Adeel – try a smaller model from Sony or something ( much more suited to Mp3 players! )

  22. Good product review! It’s detailed and readers need to know everything important before buying product, which this post perfectly covers. I myself, have had a bad luck with headsets and headphones, they’d always end up breaking and getting lost, due to me leaving it somewhere unattended which at this point, is probably stolen.

    • LOL I don’t know what to say to that Lakan – maybe keep your eye on them a bit better in future? 🙂

  23. This is a very informative review. A quality product for a very good price. Bargains are not always easy to find and this looks like a good one. You say you can use them for audio engineering, that is impressive for the price listed.Also independent fillm makers use these head phones, I will definetely shop for these when I want headphones.

  24. This really seems like a good choice for newbie musicians. Really high end headphones like Sennheiser’s is every musician’s wet dream of course. But not everyone on the planet can afford them and this or headphones of this class are the best way to go. At least till the level of professionality. Nice review!

    • Yeah they tick all the boxes on a professional level Tyler – without hurting your wallet! 🙂

  25. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the information on these. They seem like a great pair of headphones for the price, I would have expected them to valued higher with those specs. I like that you put the cons in there as well, so often people skim over that but I feel that I can get a better idea of the product with it added. Definitely like the looks of this set as well.


  26. Wow! These headphones look super comfortable. I can’t believe the price. They seem like they would be worth a lot more. That’s a bargain!

    I’ve had headphones with the “burn-in” period before. I never understood why they need this time to start sounding right though. Could you explain this? Maybe you could write an article?

    • That’s actually not a bad idea Hannah – great concept for a new article!

  27. Hello Chris,

    I’ve noticed that you have several websites and all of them are actually very interesting! It’s rare to see people who are dong something good these days.

    These Headphones looks nice and I think It’s definitely worth the price. It seems that these are also popular on Amazon, which is a very good sign.

    I’ve noticed that In Amazon UK these are much cheaper than in the US, did you know why there’s a difference?

    • Hi Julius, to be honest I have no idea why Amazon shift the prices like that from country to country – maybe it’s something to do with VAT or tax?

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