#Screamers (2016) – Movie Review

#Screamers (2016) - Movie Review

Watched this one the night before last, so I thought I’d throw it at the front of the queue and post it up here…when it’s still fresh in my mind.

I was pretty stoked to find it online, because ‘site regular’ Howard (at least I think it was Howard…) mentioned it’s upcoming release to me a few months back.

I also like the title!

I don’t know what it is, but I like it when horror films use the ‘#’ tag at the start if their title…

And I don’t know why I feel this way…because most of them that do this turn out to be pretty disappointing.

Anyway, enough banter, on with the film…

The Plot

When an internet company decides to investigate a series of ‘Screamer’ videos, they are confronted with havoc and hell they could never expect.

Stretching 10 Minutes Into 80…

Yeah, that’s the overall feeling I got from #Screamers – they had about ten minutes of decent Found Footage material…that they unfortunately tried to stretch out to the 80 minute mark.

This is nothing new, a high percentage of Found Footage films try this tactic…but in this case it certainly left a feeling of disappointment in the mouth.

Why was I so disappointed?

Well, the first 40 minutes of the film were actually pretty good – even though it was fluff designed to get to the ‘fright zone’ of an ending.

I’d go as far as saying the first section of the film contained the best acting scenes, and at times was quite interesting.

They were going for something original – and I like that!

But stretching out a short film into a feature-length movie murders any chance at gaining any sort meaningful momentum. You sort of lose the battle before you even start out.


All this could have worked, and worked well, if the writer Tom Malloy, had any sort of idea where his half-decent plot was going.

It peaks your interest at times, with suggestions of a Jack The Ripper link, a missing girl…but then it sort of leaves the story bobbing about in a very vast ocean…with no sort of conclusion.

Sometimes this is clever writing – it makes the watcher think and make their own mind up (Donnie Darko style!). This was not clever writing – to me it seemed a little lazy.

At the end of the day the watcher is lumbered with a Found Footage film that relies on jump scares from a bloke in a Halloween mask.

Was this bloke supernatural?

No idea – you tell me!

I think he was supposed to be…but then again the plot lends no hand in this conclusion.

Acting was sound – pretty good for the duration. The cinematography was decent, but it never needed to be more than this due to the movie’s location being stuck in an office environment (for the most part!).

But the movie has that feeling I just can’t shake – like the filmmakers had half an idea…and then they ran with that.

The long build does manage to poke at your interest at times, and the jump scares work in certain scenes…but what was the point at the end of the day?

What were they aiming for and why did they ‘squeeze’ the end in such an amateur fashion?

This could have been good – very good. But unfortunately it seemed stuck together with masking tape…instead of Superglue!

A bit of a ‘hit and miss’ in my book.



  1. You summed it up perfectly! This could have been a good film but the ending was rushed and quite confusing. To me it seemed like there were a few masked killers not just one but who cares. Failed attempt at a good concept and thats that, next film please

    • Yep, disappointing result really wasn’t it – I got quite excited through the first 15 minutes or so…
      I really don’t know what they were thinking when it came to the climax!

  2. The beginning was promising and it felt like The Den, but the rest was a lame FF. Neither scary/creepy nor interesting. I don’t understand why some filmmakers think FF format could save a lame plot?! Actually if your plot/story does not match FF format, then the final product would be a mess and much worse than the non-FF version.

    • Yep agree. I just can’t figure out why they chose that kind of ending…it didn’t seem to fit one little bit.
      Still, the first section of the film was really well done…but it does go downhill…at speed.

  3. Is there any possibility of getting a link to the movie, or a website that I could find this on? I can’t find it anywhere! Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Hi James,

      Unfortunately I can’t link to streaming sites from here because Google would penalize me for doing so. Have you tried the ‘Putlocker’ sites yet? There’s a ton of them online (and I watched this film from one of them!).

  4. Hi Chris – thanks for sharing this great review. It caught my attention because I actually forced myself to watch the second half of the film twice, because I just didn’t get it! I thought maybe I had missed something, but no! I don’t mind low budget films in general, some of them are pretty good, as often the actors have something to prove and need to sell the film without any big star names. Unfortunately #Screamers seems as though it ran out of money and just threw the ending together. All the best, Diane 

    • Hi Diane, 

      Yeah I have to agree with you there – the ending makes no sense whatsoever, and is thrown together in an amateur fashion. They either run out of money…or they never really had a conclusion to the story! 

  5. Hi Chris, 

    Film-making goes beyond gathering cameras and human beings together in one place and performing some actions in order to get some money out of people’s pocket. 

    It must have the ability to provide value for your money and be something to remember with nostalgia any time you remember. I don’t think “Screamers” has any of these qualities.

    As a horror film, you must have your heart in your mouth while watching and forget it’s a make believe thing.

    • I have to agree with you there Kabirat – Screamers does not really have any of the qualities you mentioned! 

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