Seething ( 2013 ) – YouTube Free Horror Movie

Seething ( 2013 ) - YouTube Free Horror Movie

The thing I love about the Found Footage film industry is that a film with a zero budget can **** all over a big budget counterpart without even trying.

Seething is a simple enough YouTube free horror movie put together by three students in Ireland. I’ve sat through about five Found Footage features this week for review purposes and most of them have had the backing of money or full press releases.

Now this little beauty had neither – but it was by far the best out of the lot…

Lets Get Smashed on Vodka!

ANY film that starts off with a bunch of lads getting nailed on vodka gets my seal of approval. I could immediately relate to this bunch as I used to get into these types of gatherings when I was ‘younger’.

It’s a pretty simple and realistic way to start a film – three lads chilling out with a few drinks winding each other up!

The accents indicated to me instantly that they were Irish and not a million miles away from where I am sitting writing this ( Wales ). This put me at ease as I knew the type of banter and actions they were going through – it was all very natural.

The Plot

So we’ve got a few likely lads getting smashed and walking about a town/city ( somewhere in Ireland at a guess! ).

They notice the weather is producing some pretty strange cloud cover but they don’t think to much of it – after all they are pissed!

As they return to their apartment they notice a pretty spooky geezer across the street just standing there and staring at them. They throw a few insults and proceed on their ( merry ) way.

Back in the apartment s**t starts going down with the music system messing up and a strange interference effecting the camera. It’s nothing to get to excited about but it is a little unnerving overall.

Things steadily start to go downhill for this bunch as the strange figure keeps on putting in more and more appearances. We see him standing in the rain glaring up at the apartment then standing at the bottom of the stairs silently staring.

I should point out that none of this is done in a cheesy manner – it’s all rather eerie and disturbing!


Yeah it’s pretty obvious none of these guys are going to share a stage with Russel Crowe at the next awards ceremony but what they had to do – they did well!

They were not professional actors but they managed to give realistic and strong performances – better than a lot of other Found Footage efforts on the market.

The boys were all really comfortable with one another and this made it easy to create an atmosphere – you actually cared about what happened to them!

Nice Touches

There were plenty of simple touches added to this film that made it stand out above similar ‘no budget’ efforts. The way the strange character left small infantile stick men drawings around the apartment for the petrified lads was pretty cool.

I also liked the way the ending built up and twisted and turned – nothing was by the book with the story and this kept me gripped.

They use the entity pretty well to – at first we are treated to distance shots of the strange man then as the story progresses we see him popping up in their bedrooms and watching them sleep and generally stalking them at close quarters.

The more the film moves along the more they allow us to get familiar with this creepy sod and he really is effective.


The guys who made this film kindly let us embed it on this site and showcase it for them so if you haven’t noticed – it sits at the top of this article!

The film is full of realistic interactions between the characters and half decent acting. It’s not one of those nasty 13 minute Found Footage attempts that YouTube offer – it is a full feature and it’s well worth watching!

The sound was a little sketchy in places but I watched it under headphones and I advise you do the same ( it is an indie film after all! ).

If you have a decent story and are able to create an atmosphere you need not worry about the budget – it’ll work out anyway!

Seething manages to achieve this with ease so if you have the time watch it and enjoy ( it’s free anyway! ). We only ask that you interact with the film and like ( or dislike ) or comment when you see fit. The more interaction the film attracts the higher it will be ranked in YouTube’s search algorithm ( and the more people will get to see it! ).

This YouTube free horror movie impressed us – we recommend 🙂



  1. Very good..a mysterious figure is following some teens around.Even breaking into the apt.Nice creepy original attempt at foundfootge(im a little burned out of all the haunted mental hospitals f.f. movies).Trouble is I didn’t understand the end.Oh well..still a good free movie.

    • No, the ending had me a bit confused as well! I have toyed with the idea of contacting the boys who made it through YouTube and asking them 🙂

  2. Hi Chris,
    Yes, please do………….i also really enjoyed this movie but just didnt understand the ending AT ALL. Kind of ruined the experience a bit……..shame.
    Thanks for all the great reviews…….always read before l watch!

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