Shadow of the Missing (2018) – Movie Review

Shadow of the Missing (2018) - Movie Review


I’m writing this review with an extremely heavy heart today, because this is a Found Footage movie from my neck of the woods. When I say ‘my neck of the woods’ – I mean not more than ten minutes away from where I am sitting right now, typing this.

Shadow of the Missing was filmed in a town I spent a lot of my youth in, Llanelli (don’t bother trying to pronounce it if you’re not Welsh – it will give you a headache!).

Now, when my man Nick Dawson contacted me to let me know he had found this title online, I was more than a little excited…

It didn’t last.

Unfortunately this movie will fill ANY Welshman/woman with untold amounts of embarrassment, as it did me. It’s fucking terrible.

What’s worse is that I’ve got to compound my misery by writing about it here…

The Plot

A group of young filmmakers are attending a Film Festival in Wales. They come across an abandoned church, and hear music coming from inside. After some goading and teasing, the entire group decides to return to the church in order to solve the mystery. Complications arise, however, when one by one members of the group start to disappear. Only the footage remains to tell their tale.


Yep – I’m going straight to the conclusion with this one, because I want to wipe the experience from my memory as quickly as possible…then move on!

I’m sitting here desperately trying to find a positive for the film – because I’m left feeling like a traitor to my country at the moment.

But…there are no positives…and believe me, I’ve really TRIED to find some.

The acting is nothing short of atrocious and unnatural in nearly every scene.

The camera work is an abomination from start to finish. Who goes into filming a movie without knowing what a focus function is for?

The audio sounds like it was put together on a 1980’s Fostex Four Track…without the big ‘Dolby’ button pressed.

Man, this is hard…

The film could well have been saved by a degree of suspense, or clever pacing…neither of which were achieved here. I gather from the film’s credits, that a guy named Jamie Lee Smith directed the movie. I’m trying not to be mean here – but he seems to have had a pretty easy job (there was NO direction in this movie!).

Smith actually plays one of the characters in the film as well, not sure which one, as they all stunk the place out anyway.

The plot has very little mystery about it, and falls flat on it’s face time and time again. It’s one of those movies where you’re left sitting there thinking “Who the FUCK thought this was good enough to show the world?”.

I’m actually a little pissed off at the moment, and a trifle embarrassed, but there is one other Welsh Found Footage movie out there which is quite good (I forget the name, but it is covered on this site!). So there is hope…

But this was terrible. Really bad. Embarrassing.



  1. hey chris, I can totally understand your disappointment, on a brighter note I finally got to see fear footage, I paid for a rental and don’t regret it, absolutely loved it.

    Right now a slew of new found footage films are on amazon prime. I’ve just seen Bounty, what a cracker that was!!!

  2. every time you post I say a prayer to the found footage gods that it will good. then I scroll down and … well, my heart is just as heavy. Most negatively reviewed movies ill still try to watch but I’ve learned that you’re pretty much always right (in MY opinion haha). Heres to hoping something good comes along soon because its a wasteland out there right now,

    • Hiya Jessica!

      Yeah I know the feeling at the moment, although I have watched a decent one…but I forgot to write down the title and now I can’t find it again! As soon as I locate it I’ll get it up here. It’s a unique FF about a man being kidnapped and accused of being a child killer in his younger days. British film – maybe a little long, but good overall!

  3. Hey Chris. I will avoid this one for sure but would like to request that you try and give us a positive review next time as it has been a while since we had one of those. It’s not your fault that the movies are bad lately so maybe review an older ff film but one worth recommending as I frequently check the site hoping to find a recommendation for a good ff film only to find out which films to avoid. It sucks. Still like the site though dont get me wrong. Thanks

    • Yep I know what you mean – check out my response to Jessica! ๐Ÿ™‚
      (the comment above this one)

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