She Walks the Woods (2019) – Movie Review

She Walks the Woods (2019) - Movie Review


First things first – thanks to all the people that reminded me what the title of this movie was. If you read my last post, you’ll know that I watched the film and forgot to take note of it’s name…subsequently completely forgetting what it was called (a rookie mistake I seem to pull off time and time again!).

Anyway – cheers for the heads up – I wouldn’t have remembered it myself (I was stuck on The Woman In The Woods).

Not a great movie, but much better than a lot of titles that I’ve had to sit through this year. It has that traditional woods/forest/Blair Witch vibe to it, which is always most welcome.

The Plot

Over 1600 people have gone mysteriously missing in national parks and forests across the US and a group of friends are about to encounter the thing that’s responsible. Brothers Brad and Mike Rayburn along with their friend Dennis Copley are the creators of Ultimate Survival, an amateur survival web series they hope will take them to internet stardom. When Hope, an old friend of Dennis’ from film school, reaches out and offers up her family’s tiny cabin way off the grid in the Rocky Mountains, they all jump at the opportunity to use the location for an episode. Road trip and campfire bonding ensue and Dennis and Hope spark up an old romance but as they hike deeper into the mountains to film their episode it becomes apparent that there is something following them and it’s not going to let them leave.


As I touched on above, this wasn’t exactly a great movie, but it did have enough traditional elements to keep me glued to the screen for large periods.

First off was the quality. Now, I noticed that the budget for the filmmakers was set at $35,000 – which is a tidy chunk for an indie Found Footage director to play about with. This meant that the overall cinematography and ‘clean’ feel to each scene was pretty good, and very watchable.

I was also quite impressed by the quality of the actors. After a rather dodgy and uncomfortable first scene, they did improve vastly and kinda moulded into the movie as it moved along. The characters were complete wankers, but I’m not from the US so they may not appear this way to everyone (although I suspect they will!).

But this is normally the case with FF films – it’s not often that we fall in love with the characters involved.

Actually, before we carry on – there’s one FF gripe I need to highlight, as most movies in this genre, including this one, opt to use it in the very first scene of their project…

Why, why, oh WHY…do directors opt to use that:


“Hello, hello…is this thing turned on…YES…there we are…”



Seriously, from now onward – count how many Found Footage movies opt to use this stupid fucking opening line.

Have you ever come out with this when you turn on a camcorder?

Looking into it like some kind of retard?

Nope – neither have I!

Okay, rant over.

The film moves along pretty decently, but there is a long period of ‘build’ before we get to the meaty stuff. The ending is pretty good, and I liked the ‘entity’ or the ‘she’. But, a couple of the killing scenes were completely over the top and not in any way realistic.

No spoilers – but the very last kill in the movie had me chuckling for about five minutes. It was like one of those gore-fest kills from a 1980’s slasher movie (look out for it!).

But overall this was a watchable project. You can tell (for once) that the filmmakers had a little backing behind them, but I still wouldn’t class them as talented (sorry!).

Worth watching, a bit slow, and some funny moments (that are not meant to be funny!). But a half-decent way to kill an hour or so.



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