Siberian Lake Monster – Proof at Last?

Siberian Lake Monster

Many of you will only recently have heard of the Siberian lake monster but tales of it’s existence have been going on for centuries. I decided to write this article as I have recently come across various Russian news outlets that claim there is now proof of it’s existence.

The lake in question is Lake Labynkyr – a mysterious lake that somehow never freezes!

A team of scientists from the Russian Geographical Society have recently released findings that indicate they have found the skeleton remains of a creature at the bottom of this lake.

The Russian Research Team

This team was not really set up to go searching for evidence on the Siberian lake monster – they were simply searching the lake bed for plant life and animals!

Recent Sightings of The Siberian Lake Monster

They were using a specialized scanner on the bed of Lake Labynkyr when they came across a huge jawbone and skeleton. For some reason though they were unable to bring any of the skeleton remains to the surface (why?).

The Lake Labynkyr

As I mentioned above this lake is indeed a strange body of water – it never freezes!

Other lakes in the region freeze solid during the long Siberian winter but for some reason this body of water refuses to ‘play ball’.

The Lake Labynkyr

The constant 36 degrees Fahrenheit temperature of the water is rumored to be down to huge hot springs underneath the bed of Lake Labynkyr. It is a very large lake with a deep trench running through the middle of it. Can it be harboring this elusive Siberian lake monster?

Recent Sightings of The Siberian Lake Monster

In 1953 Lake Labynkyr’s ‘Devil’ was spotted by a team of Russian geologists. The group claimed it was about the size of an Orca whale and it had actually surfaced on the lake!

Then in 2012 a respected female professor reported she had sonar readings of not just one creature but several roaming about the deep of Lake Labynkyr. She was using some sort of advanced echo device that gave off readings of large masses bigger than that of a shoal of fish!

Skeptics Will be Skeptics

Unfortunately there is a lack of any real evidence on the Siberian lake monster and skeptics will always point this out.

Why the Russian research team declined to bring back any skeletal evidence to the surface is beyond me – they could of opened up a whole new can of worms!

As with the Loch Ness monster – evidence is key and distant photos or blurry videos will just not cut it.

Yury Gerasimov, of the Institute of Freshwater Biology at the Russian Academy of Sciences claims the size of this creature is absolutely impossible. This is apparently down to the temperature of the water not being comfortable enough for a fish to grow to this length.

5000 Kilometres East of Moscow

The local natives to the lake are called the Evenk and Yakut and they swear that for centuries past their people have known about the monster in the lake.

So what is this creature that lurks in the lake that is 5000 kilometres east of Moscow?

Is it still alive today or did that research team stumble upon it’s remains?

If you have any opinions on the Siberian lake monster please feel free to share them with us by using the comment section below. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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