Sickhouse (2016) – Movie Review

Sickhouse (2016) - Movie Review

So the Found Footage genre has finally ‘found’ Snapchat – something I thought would happen a long time before Sickhouse hit the silver screen!

That’s right – today we will be covering a film that is entirely made up of Snapchat videos!

Now, I watched this film on one of the free online film streaming sites (I believe it was Putlocker but I can’t be sure about that!) but I have been informed that it is available on Vimeo from Indigenous Media.

Just a little heads up if you’re looking to watch it as soon as possible.

Anyways – is it worth watching???

Let’s take a closer look…

The Plot

A group of teenagers film a live documentary on the Sickhouse legend to millions around the world. This may be a shitty plot line but it’s good enough for IMDb…so it’ll do for now! 🙂


Okay, as I pointed out above, this film is constituted entirely by Snapchat videos from a seventeen-year-old character named Taylor.

At first this really pissed me off as the film was sort of stuck in a sideways letter box format. You know what these smart phone videos are like right?

So about 30% of the screen each side of the actual video was a blank black slate – realistic, but I wasn’t sure about sitting through over an hour of it (I had that headache feeling coming on!).

Anyway, I was pretty much wrong – the letterbox feeling did become a lot less irritating and it managed to bring ‘something’ to the whole experience.

The Snapchat angle also allowed the function of imposing text over the recorded video – this was a pretty cool addition to the film although I thought they might of got a little more inventive with it.

All in all, Snapchat was definitely an interesting and unique angle to take…although it’s f##king annoying to begin with (make of that what you will).


I’m definitely not saying this is a Found Footage classic but there is a great deal of ‘pull’ immersed in this film – there’s no getting away from the fact it’s an innovation in the horror genre.

I was also quite impressed by the social commentary of the film – I’m not really the biggest fan of social media and I like the way certain movies actually try to show it up for what it is (shit!).

I just think that the social aspect of life should be just that – social…but in a physical way (not a digital way!).

Anyway Sickhouse seems to have an undercurrent that magnifies these sorts of feelings – it’s kinda like a wry smile behind the back of the current teenage generation (half of which have no f##king idea they’re alive!).

The narrative of the film did manage to get a little bit draggy at times and I did grow slightly impatient but things do take a pleasing enough turn…eventually.

I think the acting levels should be rated about…hmm…bad-to-mediocre…or maybe I’m being a little bit unkind here?

Let’s just say the cast did what they had to do with the tools they were born with – they weren’t terrible but they weren’t the level of Anthony Hopkins (what a man!).

The cinematography side of things is pretty cool I suppose – once you get over the blank spaces on the sides of the screen. Remember this is made up of Snapchat snippets so it is going to be limited.

I don’t really know what to say when it comes to recommending it to you guys – I think 50% of you will like it whilst the remaining 50% will want to throw the TV at the wall.

I definitely found some unique worth in it but it’s not going to be for everyone!



  1. I watched this a few months back and thought it was pretty damn good. I loved the Snapchat idea. Thought they could have done a bit more with the end but it was all around pretty interesting.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Kyle – and glad the first comment here is a positive one!
      Yeah the ending was a bit tame but that’s often the case with Found Footage films…isn’t it?

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion mate!

  2. I also enjoyed this quite a bit. It’s really enjoyable when someone thinks outside the FF Box and does something slightly original like this. Brings back FF memories of “Look” and that Iphone movie with the two guys on vacation in Italy being trapped inside a house with crazy women. I agree that they could have given it even more juice towards the end, but I’m definitly watching this again some day.

    • Cool – glad you enjoyed it John!

      I know that iPhone movie (I’ve reviewed it here!) but I can’t remember the bloody name now…that’s going to bug me all day long! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this one as well. I wasn’t so sure during the first 15 minutes, but it grew on me.

    • Yeah the start of the movie is a little dubious isn’t it Charles? Great to hear that you enjoyed the remainder of it though!

  4. I have never heard of this movie and I am a huge fan of Found Footage. Thanks for your review.

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