Silver Cord Astral Projection – The Spirit Cord

Silver Cord Astral Projection - The Spirit Cord

I first came across the silver cord astral projection theory after watching the Donnie Darko movie. I was enthralled by the stream/jet of water that led him through different dimensions. By chance I ended up on a page covering the silver cord astral projection and I was at once taken aback by the subject – it sounded so cool!

The Silver Cord

The silver cord seems to be loosely based around the same principals as the umbilical cord for a baby. The umbilical cord is cut to release the baby from the life line of the mother – the silver cord astral projection is cut to release the spirit from the life giving source of the body!

During near death experiences the silver cord remains in tact – this is how the spirit is allowed to return to the body. If a near death experience involves the silver cord breaking then the process is irreversible – the subject dies and their spirit moves on to the spirit world.

The Silver Cord

Cable Made of Light

The silver cord astral projection is often described as an inch thick cable made of light. It’s sort of like a long and bright elastic band which appears very smooth. When it is viewed closely it apparently gives off an array of sparkles much like you would see on a Christmas tree.

There is no specific part of the human body that the silver chord can be attached to. When the body dies the spirit leaves the body and drifts further and further away – the silver cord is what keeps the spirit connected. Eventually the spirit stretches out the chord to breaking point and is released into the spirit world – this is when the death of the body occurs.

Near Death Experiences

A lot of people that have had near death experiences have claimed that they actually felt the silver cord stretch as they left their body – it felt almost at breaking point! This is when they returned to their body in a sort of snapping motion! It’s said to be similar to when you stretch out a rubber (elastic) band with your hands and let one side go – the snap back motion.

Near Death Experiences

It is thought the silver cord astral projection is in place to prevent people from the suffering involved with violent deaths. If this type of death occurs the silver cord severs itself to prevent the body from feeling the pain.

The Bible

I found the concept of the silver cord astral projection so interesting especially when I realized it was mentioned in the bible. I recently lost my sister at the age of 35 and I’ve been pottering around the theories and explanations of life after death ever since.

This is for obvious reasons and I think many of us go down this route when we lose someone so close to us. I have the added benefit of always feeling there was something else for us out there – something with a little meaning.

Anyway I could go on all day about this subject and rationalize you all to sleep but I thought the subject was worth covering here today – it always feels a peaceful subject to me!

I would love to hear your thoughts and your experiences on this subject – no matter how wild they may be. Please leave any additions in the comment section below 🙂


  1. I had my first conscious astral travel about a month ago. I felt myself leave my body and travelled all over. I did flips to make sure I could control things. I went many places, even underwater and outer space. I ended up in a place called glee bay, Florida, that was just awesome. I literally hovered just outside of my body, debating whether or not to return to my body, as I heard my family returning home. I returned, and haven’t been able to repeat this feat since. I will never forget how awesome it was. All except for the point when I encountered four shadowy figures in a dark stairway. I literally ran through them and returned to the fun I was having. Awesome.

    • Awesome stuff Kyle – you are one of the lucky ones!!! Please stop by and let us know about any more experiences if and when you have any 🙂

  2. Interesting! I had read about this many years ago, but have not really researched the topic in any detail. I really like your explanation and the cord’s purpose. I thought the part of your post about the cord severing during a violent death was interesting. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that explanation, but it make incredible sense.

    • Hi Kerri – glad you enjoyed the piece!

      It’s great to have you here once again and thanks for the continued support of our articles! 🙂

  3. I must say that this is pretty interesting article. I truly believe in God and I have read the Bible and I think that we should not molest with what happens upon death. Astral field belongs to sin according to Bible and I am sure that no one living being know what is happening after death.

    • Okay, sorry Daniel but I have no real idea what you are talking about there – the astral field belongs to sin? What part of the Bible covers this?

  4. I have to admit that I have never heard about the Silver Cord.

    It’s kind of interesting for it to be compared to an umbilical cord. Very interesting synopsis about near death experiences to say the least.

    I’m always interested in what happens in the after life and what happens at the moment we leave this earth. I’m always curious about what people experience at this time.

    So does this mean that the silver cord keeps you attached to your body and that you don’t die?

  5. Hello Chris,

    Really interesting subject and intriguing I may say as well. I read about this subject several time and I must confess I am a firm believer in the afterlife concept. This is the first time I am reading about the silver cord and somehow the concept is sending me back to my initial thoughts about what we are, where are we from and where are we going. The related out of body experience is reminding me about few dreams that I had in childhood, where I was able to fly and visit unknown places (unknown at that time), which today relates to few “deja vue” experiences that I am not able to explain. Even my wife is startled sometimes that I can describe in details these experiences.

    Best of luck,


    • Hey there Adrian, 

      Well I’m glad the article is managing to stir up those emotions and feelings in you – that’s the point behind it after all! Great to hear from you and great to hear the content above has affected you in this way!

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