Skew ( 2011 ) – Death Camera

Skew ( 2011 ) - Death Camera

I first watched Skew as a late night feature on The Horror Channel ( Sky TV ) about 3 years ago and I wasn’t really that impressed by it initially!

I obviously had to re-watch it last week to refresh my memory and the effectiveness of the overall experience – I could only remember the ending ( the rest of the film was a bit of a blur ).

For some reason I really quite enjoyed watching it a second time – and I have no idea why this is! It’s one of those horror films that for the most part leaves the audience scratching their heads.

Most Found Footage movies are at their most effective point on the first time of watching – this one managed to break the mould, in a strange way…

The Plot

Our main cameraman, Simon, picks up an old camcorder at a second hand shop before he is due to take a road trip with a couple of friends. They decide to drive the distance to a wedding they have all been invited to.

The traveling party is made up of Simon, his mate Rich and Rich’s girlfriend, Eva ( a bit of a bitch really! ).

Anyway, Simon turns out to be one of those Found Footage characters that wants to film everything and his friends really don’t seem that impressed by this fact.

But Simon is transfixed with an apparent fault with the camera lens’s design – it seems to be twisting and distorting the faces of specific people.


Death Camera

I think I really failed to get ‘stuck in the moment’ the first time I watched this film. Maybe it was too late at night, maybe the irritating frequent Sky TV advert breaks put me off or maybe I was expecting something completely different.

I initially managed to completely overlook the originality factor of the movie which is it’s main driving force really!


I really liked the way the three main characters developed and grew with one another through the process of this film. We learn pretty early on that Simon has a girlfriend ( who is of course close to Eva ) but he never bothers to contact her!

He also seems intent on getting Eva on film as frequently as possible – is there something going on there?

The horror element of the film is really quite a ‘slow burn’ but that allows the characters to get a little more interesting and makes for a decent build.

I found it quite refreshing to watch a film in this genre that didn’t involve a ‘running through the forest’ scene ( as far as I can remember! ). The horror ideas allowed the overall creepiness to be delivered at a much slower pace – this seemed to work and work well.

The level of acting was pretty good until the guy who played Rich ( I forget his name ) had to go through an ‘angry’ scene! For some reason they only way he could nail these scenes was by completely over-acting and turning into a bit of a dickhead.

Director Sevé Schelenz has created a guessing game with the plot so that you never really get your head around why this shitty stuff is happening…until you get to the ‘rewind’ scene at the end of the film!

It’s smartly done, with undertones of Japanese horror backed up by a pretty smart plot.

It’s probably not going to be what you expected but it’s definitely worth watching!

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  1. I must have watched the ending five times over the first time I saw this, and I still don’t get it, but I really like the film anyway 🙂
    Where do you think she went?

    Oh wow – you watched it with adverts? Yeh with a FF film that’s not the best way to see it!

    • I don’t think we’re ever supposed to really know where she went Modji – the film sort of leaves it up to us to decide! Thanks for including the spoiler alert LOL 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this one. Whenever you notice a face all twisted it is so intense! Is this based on a Clive barker story? I’ve read like all his stuff but been awhile. Liked the gritty feel to it with the old camera too.

    • Yeah the camera quality gives something extra to the film doesn’t it? I’m not sure about the Clive Barker element – I’ll have to look into that a bit further…

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