Skinwalker Ranch – Secret UFO Footage

Skinwalker Ranch - Secret UFO Footage

You can forget about the secret UFO footage scattered all over YouTube – The Found Footage genre has finally come up with an alien cracker…

The Second Coming

I first watched this film about a year back as I was lucky enough to have a Screener copy pass over my desk. I loved it on first viewing but at the time this site was not fully up and running – there was no need for a review!

But this only meant that I got to watch it for a second time which was nothing less than a pure delight to me! To be honest I enjoyed it that little bit more on second sitting – there were a few things I’d missed first time out ( isn’t that always the case? )

The Plot

The first scene of this film really sets the tone for what is to follow and it makes for a great starting point with effective visuals.

We witness a young boy named Cody playing baseball on a ranch pasture with his dad – mum is on camera. Without any warning this pleasant home video turns into secret UFO footage with Cody being ‘plucked’ out of thin air in front of our eyes.

This ranch is of course the setting for the rest of the film – Skinwalker Ranch.

After this shocking opening scene we are taken seven months into the future where we meet a team of paranormal investigators from Modern Defense Enterprises ( M. D. E. ).

This group are staying at Skinwalker Ranch so that they can monitor the unusual activity that culminated in the boy’s disappearance. They are joined in their efforts by Cody’s father, Hoyt, who is desperate for his son’s safe return.

The film follows events unfold over the two week period this group are in place at the ranch….and things get pretty shocking!

Secret UFO Footage

The main factor that separates this Found Footage film from every other alien film in the genre is the scattered ideas throughout. The main story line of the film is based on UFO abductions but the directors have tried there best to throw all types of the unexplained at us!

They seem to have taken elements from many different supernatural horror movies and tried to force them into this screenplay. In most cases this would turn out to be a complete disaster but for some reason it worked out with this film.

Style Over Substance

The makers of this film seem to have opted for style over substance and leave quite a few holes in the plot and the outcome of the film.

At this point you’re probably wondering why I like it so much and I don’t really blame you!

The style they manage to inject into the film is top class Found Footage incidents made up of great visuals and cinematography.

This wasn’t a ‘raw’ Found Footage effort – far from it really. The CGI throughout the film was on par with many a Hollywood blockbuster and the camera movements seemed a little to fluid.

They have gone all out to throw action in your face and to make you jump and it works – just don’t expect answers to the film’s questions!


Loved it the first time I watched it and loved it even more the second time around. For me this just about ticked all the boxes I want ticked in a horror/thriller.

Could the story have been a little less disjointed? Was it a little to polished? Could the members of the research team had more of a backstory?

Yes to all of these questions but true fans of this genre will completely overlook these points. When I last looked at the film’s rating on IMDb it was about average but this is norm – reviewers on there ain’t worth shit on the best of days.

Many horror addicts out there hate the Found Footage genre so it’s best to leave them reminisce over their favorites from the 80’s. Don’t read their reviews and don’t except their opinions – this film rocks and is well worth watching!



  1. So glad I found this, thank you! Definitely in my top 3 favorite found footage films. I think even people who don’t like the genre would love this movie. Awesome actors too.

  2. Not bad at all. I seen this before. I always get it confused with The Wicksboro Incident, but its a totally different movie.

    • Funnily enough I was thinking about watching The Wicksboro Incident again tonight! 🙂

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