Softbox Lighting Kits – The Fotodiox Pro CFL3057

Softbox Lighting Kits - The Fotodiox Pro CFL3057Product: The Fotodiox PRO CFL3057

Price: $139.95

Type of Product: Softbox lighting kits

Our Rating: 8.5 out of Ten

The Fotodiox PRO CFL3057 – Product Overview

We tried out a number of Softbox lighting kits before we settled on the Fotodiox PRO CFL3057 being the best value for money for the independent filmmaker.

It is geared towards video and photography. For the money it carries quite an impressive array of equipment:

  • ​A pair of  ( 4 bulb ) lights
  • A pair of stands
  • A pair of 50cm by 70cm Softboxes
  • 8 sets of 30w CFL bulbs
  • A carrying case to fit the equipment in

The set is perfect for filmmakers who need a broad lighting solution and photographers who need a simple setup for location shots.

The kit boasts an independent Switching of Banks, 2 Bulbs per Bank; 4 High-Output CFL Bulbs Per Fixture, 5600K Color Temperature.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • Entry level price
  • Comes equipped with a Pro Grade Ripstop Nylon Front Diffuser ( this provides extra light diffusion )
  • Can be used for both portrait and tabletop interviews
  • Easy to position due to a simple Tilt-Bracket and Rear-Mounted Handle
  • Comes with a 24 month manufacturer guarantee
  • Powerful/strong light output for the price
  • Simple to use

The Cons:

  • ​The first ​assembly session can be very confusing
  • No dimmer knob to control the amount of power output
  • Outer diffuser included but no inner diffuser

Who is The Fotodiox PRO CFL3057 For?

As I mentioned earlier this is one of the cheaper options for Softbox lighting kits so don’t expect Martin Scorsese to be promoting it.

We are recommending it due to it’s high quality for the price and the way it fits right into a newbie filmmaker’s setup!

If you are filming independent movies or doing straight portrait work then these are an excellent choice. If you are looking more into big budget dramatic lighting then these may well come up a little short.

Our Final Opinion on The Fotodiox PRO CFL3057

As far as affordable Softbox lighting kits go this one is by far the best choice. For the money it is an extremely easy-to-use yet effective light setup.

Once we had finally managed to assemble it the actual light output was way better than we thought it was going to be!

The stands that are provided are not TOP quality but they were more than acceptable for the price of the kit. Thankfully the case that’s provided is not one of those low quality options and is fantastic for keeping the equipment safe and organized.

The initial setup of the Softboxes proved to be a little complicated at first but a lot easier the second time around.

As a complete kit it ticks all the boxes for budget producers/photographers

Discover The Remarkable Value of The Fotodiox PRO CFL3057 Today:

US Product Link – Fotodiox Pro CFL3057 Compact Studio Continuous Fluorescent Softbox Lighting Kit for Film, Video and Photography

UK Product Link – Fotodiox Pro CFL3057 Compact Studio Continous Fluorescent Softbox Lighting Kit for Film, Video and Photography

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