St. Osmund’s ( 2015 ) – Free YouTube Horror


St. Osmund's ( 2015 ) - Free YouTube Horror

I love it when a simple ‘Found Footage Full Movie’ search on YouTube brings up a list of new and innovative zero-budget movies. These type of movies are the reason I started up this blog about a year ago.

I was satisfying my Found Footage addiction by sitting through Ghost Footage ( the first movie this site reviewed! ) on YouTube when I realized I couldn’t be the only one out there.

Surely there were other horror junkies that were also addicted to this genre?

I already worked full time online running a handful of niche websites but none of these websites were what you would call a ‘labor of love’. I decided to do a quick search and see what dedicated Found Footage sites there were out there…

There were none!!!

I pulled out my laptop and spent the next hour or so writing a review on Ghost Footage. When I had finished I quickly hit up a bit of keyword research and I arrived at GoDaddy with a cracker – Top Found Footage Films.

Within two hours I had my first review, my domain and a blog set up…

It was all down to watching a FREE Found Footage offering on YouTube…

Warts And Holes

Before we get into this rather scatty review I need to point out that this is certainly NOT a decent budget Found Footage film. It has plenty of holes and cringe-worthy moments of acting but everyone has to start somewhere.

I wasn’t exactly bowled over by the prospect of yet another ‘haunted asylum’ offering but I ended up being pleasantly surprised by St. Osmund’s diverse story line…

The Plot

The movie follows a documentary film crew who have managed to get themselves trapped inside an abandoned insane asylum ( yeah I know, I know! ). They soon discover that their only way out is to find out why the building was shut down almost fifty years ago…


Sometimes Grave Encounters has A LOT to answer for – how many haunted asylums has this genre visited now???

To be honest I nearly skipped to the next movie on the YouTube playlist when I realized we were once again breaching the ‘asylum zone’.

But the first few scenes sort of stopped me in my tracks. The viewer is first treated to a sort of part documentary on St. Osmund’s asylum then we skip straight to the film crew who are editing it.

These initial scenes were not exactly top quality but they were certainly good enough to hold my attention and keep me watching.

The guy being filmed was a little bit strained in his acting style initially but the guy behind the camera seemed completely natural. The quality of the cinematography and general camera placement seemed pretty professional as well.

Free YouTube Horror

As you probably already know – most free YouTube horror offerings are a little ‘hit and miss’ at best. It is essentially a platform for wannabe filmmakers and that’s a pretty cool thing really.

The problem is of course that not many of these newbie directors have any sort of clue. This inevitably leads to a pretty s##t film experience.

But I’m happy to report that St. Osmund’s manages to offer enough to stand out from the YouTube horror crowd. I’m not saying it’s the most professional horror on YouTube but I am saying it’s worthwhile.

They’ve managed to take the bedraggled topic of insane asylums and offer something quite intelligent and refreshing.

The acting just about got away with itself in certain scenes and one actor in particular seemed to stand out. I believe the female lead was portrayed by a girl named Kat McCarron and in my book she stole the show!

There are plenty of negatives in this film but the positives manage to far outweigh them. Remember this film is completely FREE to watch so you have nothing to lose by giving it a go!

I certainly hope director Tom Jorgensen and his lead actors ( Ian Lyons, Kat McCarron and Taylor Jorgensen ) attempt another film in this format.

With a bit of practice they might well have what it takes to pull out a dark horse in this genre.

Typically low budget but interesting – worth watching!




  1. I didn’t like it much. There were times when he was back time at the hospital that it wasn’t from a camera’s perspective but instead was his personal perspective. The acting was also subpar…

    • Hi Michael,

      Yeah as we mentioned in the review this is a zero budget offering from YouTube so don’t expect Grave Encounters quality. We try to cover FF films from the bargain basement as well as the more popular big budget offerings. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion 🙂

    • Not your cup of tea eh Oscar?
      Well it’s certainly original for such a low budget offering!

  2. It was cold filming that. I played a nurse in that movie, The part where Ian Lyons goes through the door next thing he is In a hospital, It was a female nurse and myself that walk past him while he is looking at us like wtf

    • Well nice to meet you Giuseppe – you know the director then I take it?
      Have you worked on any other FF films?

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