Stripped ( 2013 ) – Organ Transplant Ethics

Stripped ( 2013 ) - Organ Transplant Ethics

Today we will be looking at the 2013 release of Stripped – a Found Footage movie based on ​organ transplant ethics gone VERY wrong…

More Recent Effort

Stripped is one of the more recent Found Footage horrors released and because of this I was pretty excited. The majority of films in this genre that have been released over the last couple of years have been quite enjoyable – was this going to follow suit?

Not quite…

So….the film had everything in place to become a pretty awesome Found Footage effort but for some reason I found it a little damp around the edges!

I don’t want to put you off so I’ll make this declaration first – it is not a bad film by any stretch of the imagination! 

It just could of been a great film with a little more thought process put into it.

The Plot

I haven’t noticed many Found Footage films that are based in Las Vegas so this film did have that as an advantage ( of sorts! ). It’s a story about a trip to Vegas by a group of boys celebrating a 21st birthday party.

It doesn’t go according to plan – obviously!

The stay in Vegas leads to some pretty sketchy arrangements with a group of prostitutes who invite them to a secluded building for some…fun?

Right off the bat we learn that one of our lads has been found dead after five weeks of intensive searching so we know this film takes a turn for the worse. Of course we start off the film about a week or so before this news plot and we get to sit through the whole journey to Vegas along with the mishaps that occur there.

As you can tell from the title of this article the film involves some sort of organ transplant ethics in it’s story line – that should give you more than enough plot info to go on!!!

Hit And Miss

I actually read a couple of reviews before watching this film the other night and this only added to my excitement. The film starts off as a road trip where we are able to judge the actors and figure out if they are a good fit for the film or not.

They are! I can’t argue that the cast were all perfect in their roles and their performances were above average for this genre.

Another way to judge this type of film is to figure out whether you give a s**t about the well-being of the characters or not. I did and I didn’t – some of them appealed to me and I was concerned about there welfare….the others were nothing short of annoying!

So why was this movie so hit and miss?

It’s really hard to put your finger on it actually – it sort of fizzled without burning to brightly.

The idea of a murderous doctor with twisted organ transplant ethics in Vegas was a great one….so why did it fail to impress me overall?

To Much of a Good Thing

I think my main gripe with this film was the fact that it spent to long on the road trip of the victims – I wished it would of got to Vegas a lot sooner than it did!

The actual horror of the film seemed ‘squashed in’ to the last twenty minutes of the film. Maybe this was done on purpose to make it even more terrifying but it simply didn’t work on me!

This long entrance into the film did allow us to get really close to the characters and even have a few laughs along the way but overall – way to long!


With a long and winding first half to this film I was in need of some REAL horror when the time came – I didn’t get it!

I was also expecting a bit more blood and guts in the film – this was a film on twisted organ transplant ethics after all?

It’s not bad though – I just have a feeling it will quite easily get lost in the mass of Found Footage horror out there. It had nothing that really stood out overall unfortunately and that is something I cannot really forgive.

Don’t get me wrong – you may like it!

I won’t be watching it again mind –  it’s a one time experience for me!



  1. Have you seen Unidentified? It isn’t set in Vegas, but part of it is shot in Vegas.

    • Hi Timothy,
      Yeah we’ve reviewed Unfriended HERE. Pretty impressive film ( I thoroughly enjoyed it! )

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