Survive The Hollow Shoals (2018) – Movie Review

Survive The Hollow Shoals (2018) - Movie Review

Hidden in the dark depths of a Putlocker site, I stumbled upon a movie named Survive The Hollow Shoals. If I’m honest – the cover of it was so shit I just KNEW it had to be a Found Footage film (why do they have such poor DVD/poster covers?). 

Anyway, far from being a nasty surprise, this was quite an enjoyable one (so you’re safe to keep on reading the review without too much disappointment!).

It’s listed as having a budget of $100,000…which is complete BS in my book, but it still had enough about it to keep me glued to the screen…

The Plot

Zach sets out into the wildness of the Georgia Shoals to prove his survival skills for 60 days. Before too long, finding clean water and sufficient scavenged food are the least of his worries when disturbing noises and events disturb his lonely challenge.

The Blair Witch Strikes Again!

Yeah, many elements, and even scenes, in this film were direct rip-offs from The Blair Witch Project – but that didn’t seem to bother me this time.

The movie is constructed around a sort of indie production of a survival series/journey – which frequently seems to work pretty well in this genre.

I’m not experienced in survival AT ALL, so I know pretty much fuck all about it (if I don’t have a lighter on me I ain’t getting a fire!). But, Survive The Hollow Shoals managed to get me a little interested in the subject – I enjoyed the survival aspect of it as much as the paranormal angle!

I can’t really put my finger on it – maybe it was the performance of Zack Weiland? Maybe the setup was as natural as possible without going over the top?

All I know is that I was able to look past the Blair Witch element with ease, and enjoy the movie for what it was.


It’s not all plain sailing I’m afraid folks – there are a few cons to this movie that stood pretty tall.

First off the bat is the length – 78 minutes.

In my opinion, this film could have been about 10 minutes shorter – that would of eliminated some of the ‘forest wandering’ scenes that got a little repetitive. These duplicate-feel scenes also managed to point out that the filmmaker, Jonathon Klimek, was struggling with the location side of the movie.

It’s easy to find a decent stretch of forest/woods to film one of these movies…but the key is to then pick sections of the forest that do not look like what you’ve already filmed.

I know this is easier said than done in most cases – but if you manage it, you get rewarded with a broader scope of movie.

Unfortunately, this movie seemed to have been shot in a very small area of the forest location (no idea if it was the Georgia Shoals – I’ve never been there!).

But these downsides were quite easily outweighed by the positive elements of the movie. Mainly – it was easy to watch and easy to enjoy!

I only counted three characters on-screen throughout the whole project – two of which were only there for a matter a minutes. The lead role of Brent McGhee was portrayed really well by Weiland – I had no problem with following his journey without any other characters being involved.

I had a quick look into his background on IMDb and there’s pretty much fuck all there – so keep an eye out for him (the boy did good!).

Oh, I did forget to mention that the movie makes use of some of the loudest soundtrack effects I’ve ever seen on a Found Footage project – they make you jump, but sadly they take the realism out of the finished article.

All in all – I have no problems with this film.

The Blair Witch rip-offs will be obvious enough to every Found Footage fan out there, but they are so obvious they must have been put in there as some sort of homage to the great movie, maybe?

Not a classic – but definitely decent enough to fill up 78 minutes of your life!



  1. I really really wish they would re-cut it without that music every time something creepy happens. It really does throw you out. It’s too bad because this genuinely freaked me out a few times

    • Yep – completely agree Jessica. I was watching it through headphones and every time that ‘DANGGGG’ came in when something scary happened I nearly soiled it!
      It was a good film otherwise – some good scenes.

  2. The lead character is Zach Weiland and the actor is Brent McGhee, you seem to have them mixed up.
    Not a bad review though, I enjoyed the film for what it was. Perhaps could’ve had a more original antagonist than a clone of the Ring/Grudge entities. Not sure how he kept his camcorder charged for 2 weeks use, especially with the amount of “torch use” that it had.
    Personally I would have hightailed it outta dodge (or tried to) probably after the first night and no later than after finding the first skeleton. Failing that I might have tried to hide up a tree, his log fort wasn’t going to cut the mustard.

    • Probably – if I had a dollar for every mistake I’ve made on this site, I’d buy a small island somewhere…and maybe a Ferrari???

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