SXTape ( 2013 ) – Sexy Horror Movie

SXTape ( 2013 ) - Sexy Horror Movie

So we’ve got another genre trying to squeeze it’s way into the found footage category – but is it welcome? The SXTape is a new offering in the sexy horror movie mold I’m I’m not altogether sure it works well or not!

Choose One or The Other

So the film hit me as trying to stand above the rest by including a few nude found footage scenes in the first half an hour. I have no real problem with this – I ‘m male and I like women!

But do I have a problem with the film makers trying to use this as a selling point…..yes, I probably do!

The SXTape

OK so the film was pretty original from the sexy horror movie point of view but I’m afraid that was about it. We were lumbered, yet again, inside a sort of old abandoned clinic/hospital/asylum for unwanted babies.

You get the picture – flickering lights and long hospital-type corridors…..

It’s getting to the point where Grave Encounters has a lot to answer for – isn’t there any other location where found footage could be shot? Are we always going to be stuck in a medical facility or a forest (not another forest please!).

The Film Itself

Well the first scene is a totally overused found footage scene – sitting in the police interview room being asked questions about ‘what happened’ in front of a camera.

Thankfully this pretentious scene did not last that long and we were allowed into the ‘guts’ of the story.

And the ‘guts’ of the story was pretty much a sexy horror movie – nothing more! Now keep in mind that this film had a half decent budget and the weapons to look really good on the big screen.

I just don’t know why they leaned so much on it being a sexy horror movie?

More Horror Not Less

I watch found footage horror movies to get freaked out – everyone does! They provide us with unique, first person views of what goes on in a horrible situation.

Now with that in mind you would think that most of these films will be geared around scaring us rather than screwing us!

This film had everything needed to be a good found footage horror movie but failed in every respect. The story had to many holes in it to be considered good and the horror was pretty low key for most of the picture.

The first few scenes of the film had the ( rather sexy looking ) blonde girl being nailed in a bedroom, in a shop changing room, in a car and then in the clinic itself!

I know this was aiming at being a sexy movie but come on guys – we don’t need a slut as the main character do we? To be honest I was waiting for the irritating bitch to die after the first ten minutes!!

Not All Bad……But Still?

Before I slate this film any further I should point out that there WERE some aspects of it that worked well. The change in the female character as things started to go downhill was pretty good and she actually pulled this part of well (no pun intended!).

The film makers had seemed to master the art of loud noises in this film and it worked for them. On several occasions I found myself jumping when the video clip changed and there was a sudden loud noise in the next scene!

They also got some of the atmosphere correct to – the abandoned tricycle by the entrance/hole to the clinic’s fence was very symbolic and the way the camera zoomed in on this worked well to.


When you compare this to some of the indie productions Jason Day-Boisvert has come out with you will understand why I am disappointed with this film.

I recently watched a found footage attempt from Freeze Frame Films that had NO money in it and it pissed all over this higher budget horror movie.

The horror stops and starts and the story is therefore much to slow to keep you interested. I like the idea of a sexy horror movie being filmed in the found footage style but not like this – it needs much more thought to work.

Would I recommend it? Not really no but I wouldn’t recommend not watching it! If you are a fan of found footage and have and hour and a half to spare then go for it – see what you think!

If you have information on another found footage sexy horror movie please let us know about it in the comment section below. We are always on the lookout for new films to review!



  1. I have a rating system for all horror movies. My system is “How many seconds into the movie is there nudity/sex?”. If you have a topless scene in the first five seconds, chances are that it’s going to be a bad horror movie.

    • That’s a brilliant way to rate a movie Glynna – this fell right into that category! So much could of been done which this film but unfortunately it centered around a horny blonde girl – not really my style of found footage.

  2. Extremely creative website. Ever since I was a child, watching scary movies for me was a big NO…but that somehow only spurred me on to watch more and more (I’m like a train wreck LOL).

    I’m actually late to the subject of Found Footage – I didn’t even watch Blair Witch (the old one) until about two years ago! It’s like a morbid fascination – you sort of like the genre then you suddenly feel that no other horror genre will do!

    I’m completely addicted now!

    Anyway – I found this film on IMDb and I was hoping that it was good…it sounded it! After your review Chris I’m not so sure…

    Thanks for this fantastic website – this is now my top bookmark!

    • Hi Danielle,

      No this isn’t exactly a good example of Found Footage…and it had a half decent budget behind it! All in all I was slightly disappointed in it.

      I certainly know what you mean about being addicted to the genre. You start out watching one here and there and before you know it you’re searching for sites like this one….you need MORE 🙂

      Great to have you here, enjoying the site! 🙂

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