Tape_13 ( 2014 ) – Movie Review

Tape_13 ( 2014 ) - Movie Review

Well the excitement hit fever pitch once again last night as I stumbled upon another Found Footage effort that was new to me!

Right at the top of the horror section on a dodgy film streaming site was the title Tape_13. I’ve been in this game long enough now to instantly realize this was a Found Footage release!

I quickly looked through the mini bio on the film and I was a little surprised to see Axel Stein listed on the director’s seat.

I can remember Axel hitting the big time way back in 2001 when he starred in a German comedy flick called Harte Jungs ( a sort of European cult film at the time! ).

I had heard very little about him since 2001 but I was aware that he had near enough stayed in the ‘comedy sector’ – what was he doing directing a Found Footage film?

I suppose that should of set off a few alarm bells…but I was too excited to see what this European Found Footage had to offer!

The Plot

Tape_13 is set in the forests of the Eifel and follows a young couple travelling from Sweden and Latvia. Their car breaks down so they decide to join up with a group of friends who are spending the weekend in a cabin in the woods.

It’s not long before the typical Ouija board hit’s the living room table and the group of idiots decide to summon up some sort of spirit ( what is it with Ouija boards and cabins in the woods – surely we ALL know that this is a bad idea by now? ).

Anyway, the shit hits the fan and strange ‘entities’ start to appear around the cabin. Some sort of shadowy figure begins to stroll around the premises leaving shards of mirror hanging off the nearby trees.

In typical fashion, the group don’t take much notice of the impending demonic doom until it is too late.

You probably know the rest by now…


I thought I’d skip right from the plot to the conclusion on this particular film because I’m still pretty pissed off I sat through it!

We get the typical Found Footage start to the film where it explains that the tape we are about to see was found in a cabin, it’s not edited, blah blah blah…

That’s pretty much where the excitement ended for me – I had seen the remainder of the film many times before in numerous other Found Footage titles.

I could of forgiven the film if it offered something new to the genre but Mr. Stein has obviously sat down in front of a dozen American Found Footage efforts and taken notes.

The problem is he wasn’t that creative with these notes…at all!

The film is basically a mix of every half decent Found Footage film out there but it has not been glued together that well.

The actors were pretty decent but the script and the direction was so cardboard they were left with little room to maneuver.

I didn’t really find anything convincing in the film…which is obviously NOT a great starting point for a film in this genre.

It’s nice to see Germany take on the Found Footage genre but I’m afraid this one will do next to nothing for their film industry.

An hour and twenty minutes of my life I’m never getting back – thank you very much Mr. Stein…

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  1. Hey Chris Yeah I just sat through this one myself eh nothing too special. I was wondering if u came across any other ones this month. I have a couple for you…..pursuit of a legend and also the movie restricted 51. I’ve been unable to find pursuit but restricted 51 is on solar😀 let me know what you think

  2. Where did originality go? Soooo tired of quija board in ff films..also some of the actors annoyed me with their smugness. Saw report 51 and found it silly but very fun to watch. Seemed like the actors needed better English lessons though (felt awkward but could have been the thick accent). Found the story to be fun and supernatural gimmicks were interesting. Have you seen that one? Interested to see what you think of it since such a mix of silly and cool.

  3. Please help stop all of the internet morons from writing “could of” okay? It’s could’ve or could have. There is no “could of” and you sound like an uneducated dolt.

    • Wow is this another visit from the grammar police? Let’s get one thing straight here – I’m a blogger…I never claimed to be Shakespeare! At the end of the day this is MY domain – my own successful piece of internet real estate. If you go through my articles you’ll find a million more mistakes, still doesn’t stop this from being one of the most successful film blogs online at the moment! Kindly fuck off to IMDb or buy a book if you’re interested in grammar – this site was not set up for cock-suckers like you to invade ( and please don’t attempt to leave another comment – you’ve been blocked! )
      Have a nice life. 🙂

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