Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder


Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder


Product: The Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder

Price: $199

Type: 4 Track Portable Digital Audio Recorder

Our Rating: 9 Out of Ten

Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder – Product Overview

The The DR-40 offers you the choice of recording up to four tracks of digital audio on the go. You have the option of recording through top quality built-in condenser microphones or XLR mic or line inputs.

It comes equipped with two impressive TASCAM microphone preamps that offer Phantom Power for external condenser mics ( if needed ). It provides professional digital audio recording at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution.

The Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder uses SD or SDHC cards as it’s internal memory. A 2GB card is usually included with the product to help get you started.

Once your audio is recorded you have the option of adding built in EQ and a stereo reverb effect to the tracks. You can then easily transfer anything you have recorded to your computer via the USB 2.0 jack.

It is an extremely simple-to-use and professional sounding digital audio recorder without the high price tag.

The Good & The Bad

The Pros:

  • Reliable ​XLR mic inputs with phantom power included
  • The built-in condenser microphones are adjustable to the XY or AB position
  • Small and rugged
  • Affordable cost
  • Built-in mics are good
  • 4 channel recording capability
  • The ‘true mono’ recording option saves disc space
  • Excellent battery life

The Cons

  • ​​Does not work well with low-output microphones like dynamic mics
  • The input gain is controlled with an UP and Down ‘rocker’ instead of a pot meter
  • A lot of the controls are only accessible through the menu system

Who is The ​Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder For?

The Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder is prefect for independent filmmakers who are looking to capture sound on location.

It’s own built in mic is effective for field work or a studio environment – the XLR inputs offer even better quality through external miking.

It is perfect for musicians or filmmakers who are looking for top quality audio at a very reasonable price.

Our Final Opinion on The Tascam Dr-40 4 Track Portable Digital Recorder

The Dr-40 is an excellent choice for newcomers to the filmmaking industry. As well as the impressive features covered above it also offers some great playback options.

We were very impressed by the Level Align feature that smooths out level jumps during playback.

We were also impressed by the playback mode options to loop a section of playback or slow it down without changing the pitch.

The option to switch the stereo microphones from the tight stereo imaging of XY pattern to AB for a more ambient recording is also a great addition ( for musicians and filmmakers ).

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