Terry ( 2011 ) – London Psychopath

Terry ( 2011 ) - London Psychopath

​Imagine my surprise when I came across a Found Footage film based on a London psychopath – not exactly a horror tale but a pretty brutal one all the same!

It was a really fresh and original idea when compared to all the horror/paranormal films I have sat through in this genre. It also pulled no punches – it was unforgettable in many ways…

A Nutter

So Terry is the brainchild of writer/director Nick Nevern and it follows a London psychopath through a few weeks of his life.

It’s basically a film about thugs and what is wrong with urban communities in London these days – it’s violent and to the point!

Terry is a nutter – there’s no getting away from this and it wasn’t until the end of the film that I realized Terry was played by Nevern himself! I have to admit this is very impressive as the acting is spot on and the story is pretty well put together to.

The Plot

Terry is being filmed for a documentary by a young film student named Charlie. Why Charlie thinks Terry would be a good subject it beyond me – surely the writing was on the wall…

Terry seems to like the idea of his life being made into a documentary and plays up for the camera well. His lifestyle provides a good fit for the big screen and at first it becomes a pretty fun film experience – you don’t know what this nutter is about to do next!

There are two main things in Terry’s life – getting drunk and ramming lines of cocaine up his nose! He’s happy enough with this and it’s all we see him doing for long periods of the film.

If he likes you he’s your best friend – if he doesn’t then you better stay out of his way!

He doesn’t have any sort of job other than shifting a few wraps of powder here and there. He insists all the way through the film that he’s no gangster (I disagree!).

No Budget 

This was another no budget Found Footage offering and to be brutally honest – it didn’t seem like it at all!

I’m led to believe that the whole film cost no more than £500 to make (about $850) which is quite an astonishing feat!

The violence that they put into the film is cleverly filmed off screen so that you feel the dread and fear of the situation but never witness it.

This was a very clever ploy by Nick Nevern as it cut down the cost of fake blood and make up effects. Sure there was a little blood here and there but only when it was completely necessary – it worked well!

Twists And Turns

The one downfall of the film seemed to be the long middle section which offered very little change in the story line. A few twists here and there would of made the finished article a whole lot classier.

The start is excellent as you get introduced to all Terry’s (crazy) mates and the end is pretty brutal but the middle section tends to drift.

I just got a little bored of watching Terry doing line after line and then losing his temper with someone about midnight (every night!).


This was a decent film and one which will sit proudly in my Found Footage collection. It steps away from the paranormal scene and get’s it’s violence from a more traditional avenue.

I still cannot believe that the film cost as little as £500. I also still can’t believe how good Nick Nevern was in it. As a matter of fact ALL the actors did a stand up job on this and should be commended for it.

The story does lag a little in the middle section but as with all films in the Found Footage genre – you know they are building to something!

As I mentioned earlier I will not forget this film in a hurry – it was dark and entertaining but best of all – VERY realistic!

I am British myself and I have met many lads during my youth who share Terry’s characteristics – I think he got the portrayal spot on.

Well done Nick Nevern – the perfect London psychopath!


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