Tetherball ( 2010 ) – Found Footage Comedy


Tetherball ( 2010 ) - Found Footage Comedy

We’re having a little break away from the dark side today to look at a film that could probably be classed as a Found Footage comedy.

Tetherball is a quite refreshing mockumentary-styled film that was brought to our attention by Executive Producer Rick Dawson. Kick off your shoes, grab yourself a beer and get ready to smile…


Several days ago I was contacted by the Executive Producer of Tetherball after he stumbled upon this very site. At first I didn’t really know what to expect – we get contacted by filmmakers from time to time but unfortunately not all of them shine.

Tetherball was also listed as a comedy and this was a big NO-NO in my world – I like my films dark and twisted.

But the more I thought about it the more a review made sense – I cannot think of any other comedy offerings that come close to fitting into this website.

Turns out this was a pretty good shout – I quite enjoyed it…

The Plot

Three young men who are stuck in a rather dour telemarketing job decide to try their luck at creating a professional league for an overlooked sport – Tetherball ( naturally! ).

Well, they seem to have a goldmine of an idea and things take off like a fighter jet. The boys soon become fan favorites overnight and are joined in their efforts by Coach McAger ( Dustin Diamond ).

But stardom is seldom what it is cracked up to be and the hardships the boys faced before their rise to glory still remain in place…

Strength of Character

Budget levels of films don’t ever have to come into play as long as the main actors offer something worthwhile. I thought the three main characters in this film were excellent and cast perfectly.

As I mentioned above – I’m not really the biggest follower of comedy flicks ( especially from the US! ) but these three managed to make me chuckle on numerous occasions.

The surrounding cast was pretty well put together as well – I struggled for ages trying to figure out where I’d seen Ron Jeremy before and why he looked so familiar!

I guess I should of pictured him without his clothes on…

All jokes aside I thought he was pretty awesome in this flick and suited the twisted character of Jake White down to the ground. He managed to show that he can hold his own ( no pun intended ) outside the porn industry and bring a little flair at the same time.


As I KEEP mentioning, I’m not really the biggest fan of US comedy. I often find it too manufactured and they can’t help but add some sort of moral to it. This film was thankfully a really refreshing change to that template.

The whole narration and documentary-style meant that the filmmakers could pretty much jump about with relatively cheap cameras. This in turn meant the whole ‘low budget’ feel of the film could actually work in it’s favor.

I got the impression the cast and the crew must have had a pretty cool time filming this – it’s got that laid back ‘college boy’ feel to it and it certainly doesn’t take itself to seriously.

I think the whole film probably hinges on the fact they got cult figures like Dustin Diamond and Ron Jeremy to join in. Without them I think the film may have struggled not to look like a student project.

Overall this was a pretty refreshing change of pace for us here on the site ( me in particular! ). The performances were good, the humor was pretty easy to digest and there was plenty of nudity!

It’s not going to win any Oscars but it will make you smile…



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