Tex Montana Will Survive! (2016) – Movie Review

Tex Montana Will Survive! (2016) - Movie Review

Well first off the bat I’ll have to thank site regular Tim Clark for alerting me to this little beauty – I’m not a fan of comedy but this had me smiling last night.

It’s a new Found Footage offering from a director/actor I have crossed paths with about two years ago (when I was writing reviews for another film-related site).

The dude in question is Jeremy Gardner who was behind arguably the best zombie film ever made…

I know that’s quite a statement but I stand by it!

The film is called The Battery and if you haven’t seen it I suggest you stop reading this review, grab a beer or a joint (or whatever floats your boat) and immerse yourself in it!

Anyway, back to the film in question!!!!!

Yeah, so this Gardner dude has already smashed the indie movie world with a cult classic and now he’s released this little beauty FOR FREE

“This movie has been released entirely free under a creative commons license. Stream it, burn it, share it! To support future films, please visit TexMontana.com

Yep, that was the first thing to hit me right between the eyes when the movie started.

So…for once….I can actually….Include the movie here without a ton of copyright and royalty claims crawling up my ass!!!


There’s no real need to review this title as it’s here for all to see.

All I can say is that this was VERY funny stuff that managed to manipulate the Found Footage format brilliantly.

If you enjoyed this movie please, please, please get onto The Battery and actually support the movie (it’s cheap as chips to rent so there are no excuses!).

P.S. Don’t forget to leave a comment or a ‘Thumbs Up’ on the YouTube video page if you enjoy the movie.

P.P.S. Cheers for bringing this to my attention Tim!!! 🙂



  1. HAVE YOU SEEN Crowsnest 2012?? Its on netflix wow its scary and good found footage

    • Yes I have mate 🙂

      It’s on the list at the moment – will probably have to re-watch it as I’ve forgotten a lot of what happens in it!

        • Yo project almanic is found footage did u see that??? Also i cannot find the movie Found Footage 3-D (2015) can u please help me thanks

          • Yeah I think Project Almanac is reviewed on the site somewhere (I remember watching it last year!). I’m unsure about FF 3D – some titles in this genre tend to disappear online as soon as they appear making it really hard to watch them. I’ve had this problem with numerous titles in the past.

      • HAVE YOU SEEN The night Visitor (2013) ITS FOUND FOOTAGE

        • The Possession of Micheal King (2013) HAVE YOU SEEN THIS FOUND FOOTAGE MOVIE

        • It rings a bell but I can’t quite place it at the moment – I’ll have a check tonight!

  2. “The dude in question is Jeremy Gardner who was behind arguably the best zombie film ever made…”

    The Battery is one of my favorite movies of all time!! One of the most brilliant takes on the zombie genre!!

    Gonna give Tex Montana a go now, cheers Chris, love the site!

    • Have you ever seen American Hero (2015) they all aknoledge the carmera gollowing them and u can see it in the windows and mirror and they talk to the camera its a documentary type its really good superpowers like chronicle HAVE YOU SEEN IT???

      • Hello once again! 🙂
        I’ve heard of it but I haven’t watched it yet – I got the feeling it was a comedy so I didn’t really put it on the top of my list (I like to watch people dying LOL). So it’s a good watch is it?

        • I just watched it for the first time last night eh its more dramatic then anything but its still a good watch got some action soem comedy but i thinknits mostly drama but just for the sake of having this movie in ur site i think u should watch it good graphics

  3. Enjoyed this very much. As the film progressed I had kind of hoped Tex would have escaped the woods and returned to civilization and possibly redeemed himself somehow but that ending. What a ride. My favorite part is when he descended into madness and couldn’t for the life of him complete that one sentence he was trying to say.

    • Yeah it’s got a wicked indie feel throughout hasn’t it Mitch – the humor constantly benefits from this! A top film (and I’m not usually a fan of comedy!)

      • Well it was definitely a great watch! I am a fan of Jeremy Gardner now! Went and watched ‘The Battery’ afterwards as recommended and wow, another hidden gem!

        • Cool stuff – the guy is a really talented filmmaker/director/actor! He also has a small part in a romantic horror called Spring (if my memory serves me correct!)

  4. Howdy. It’s Howard again. I recommend You Are Not Alone, which im glad you liked and Camera Trap. I wanted to tell you about Sickhouse 2016. The entire thing was filmed on snapshot! I don’t know how I felt about yet until I watch again but it is worth checking out. The real reason I’m commenting is because Purlocker has finally gotten the Levenger Tapes. Which is a found footage that I’ve been dying to see. I will watch it tonight and I’m sure it going to rock. No pressure. I know your busy but you should still check out Camera Trap and it can be found on watchfree.to!

    • Hi Howard, I actually watched Levenger Tapes last month – really enjoyed it, I have also been waiting for that one to hit the online streaming sites! Camera Trap on Watchfree.to is completely out of sync with the audio unfortunately – it’s the same version on every site online! When I find a version with in-sync audio I will give it a go and review it, just can’t find one anywhere!!!!

  5. I only recently discovered your page and it feels like it’s made for me.
    I took your recommendation and watched Megan is Missing and found it to be truly disturbing. Can you make a list like that? Of horror movies people haven’t heard of which are terrifying? Or does it exist somewhere on the site that I just haven’t found yet?

    • Hi Ayush
      There are hundreds of films covered here so make your way through them – some of them are not that good, but at least you get my warning beforehand! 🙂

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