The 5th Kind (2017) – Movie Review

The 5th Kind (2017) – Movie Review

Okay, so there’s a new ‘unwritten rule’ I’m going to be using from now onward with EVERY movie I put up on this site!


Well I’m sick and tired of IMDb’s lack of realisation that their voting and review system is fucked up beyond belief. I think all of you know where I’m going with this…

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve checked out the credentials of a pretty shitty Found Footage movie I’ve just watched, only to find that I’m apparently the only one out there that thinks the film is gash.

Take The 5th Kind for example. Now, I was willing to give this movie a pretty average review on here because I realised it was an indie effort, and there were some half decent scenes here and there.

So, I pop over to IMDb to get the lowdown on the directors/writers etc and low and behold…we have a 6.8 rating after 545 votes.

Now, most of you familiar with the platform will know that this is a pretty high rating for a Found Footage movie…as there are a lot of genre haters out there.

So what do we have here?

Well, we have a ton of crew family members and university friends voting on the film…probably without even watching it.

In this case, so many of them have given the film a 10 star rating that they’ve managed to push back the real ratings (which are all an unkind 1 star).

It’s a fucking joke really.

So, I’m not going to advise anyone to watch this indie shit heap because it is exactly that – a shit heap. There are some decent scenes but no credit goes to the filmmakers or the crew because they have gone out of their way to con just about every Found Footage fan out there.

This is gonna be a short review.

The Plot

Three best friends try to get ‘internet famous’ by filming their own survival show out in the woods. A weekend trip to accomplish this project turns deadly when a mysterious and very foreign visitor ends up in their neck of the woods.


It’s fucking crap.

I was going to try and highlight a few of the positives in the project but they’ve managed to piss all over their chips by trying so hard to play the ratings game.

The acting is poor, very poor at times, and the plot lacks any real originality and fails to create any realistic sense of tension throughout the running time.

It’s blatantly obvious that the storyboard for the movie was way too short, because they continually try their best to fill space with those dreaded ‘interview scenes’. Now these scenes can work, and work well…but this is not the case here.

They seem to pop up everywhere, like some sort of Found Footage disease, and they ALWAYS manage to interrupt a portion of the footage that could well have led to some sort of thrills/tension.

It gets even worse when you realise the people interviewed are probably the director’s auntie, uncle and neighbours.

I’ll finish with a little tip to the filmmakers of this mess, in case their eyes ever fall on this review…

If you are creating an indie film let it do it’s own talking. Reviewers like me are perfectly willing to give these types of zero budget projects a fair go if you play the game the right way.

Did you play the game the right way?

(That voice inside your head has the answer).


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