The Amherst Poltergeist – The Great Amherst Mystery

The Amherst Poltergeist - The Great Amherst Mystery

This article will be covering the notorious case of the Amherst Poltergeist – what was behind the strange events in Nova Scotia in 1878?

Welcome to the Great Amherst mystery…

Full House

A young lady named Esther shared a home with Olive, her sister, Daniel, her brother in law, their two kids, Daniel’s brother…and another two siblings.

The house they lived in was extremely busy – the family took up a lot of room, but they also opted to rent out a few rooms to bring in extra money.

Olive and Daniel were in charge of the money side of things, but they failed to suitably vet the customers who were renting the rooms.

Unfortunately, one of these customers was a twisted man who pounced on Esther one night. Luckily, he was restrained before he could manage to rape the young sister.

Esther's Family

This terrible event really effected Esther’s psychological state – it seemed to bring on a tide of illnesses and strange seizures.

Before this point, Esther had never really had a serious day of illness in her life – the family began to worry about the causes behind her poor health…

The Arrival 

One evening, Esther decided to let one of her younger sisters (Jennie) share her bed. As they slept peacefully they were suddenly awoken by a presence that appeared to be under their blanket.

Both sisters started to scream in terror, resulting in Olive and Daniel Teed racing up the stairs and bursting into the room.

They found both sisters huddled in the corner of the room, terrified.

The following night both sisters shared the same bed again…before midnight, more screams came from their room.

Once again Teed burst into the room, but this time he found an old bed-box smashed up on the floor.

The siblings claimed that strange noises were coming out of the box, when it was slid underneath the bed.

Esther had built up the courage to slowly pull the box out from under the bed…but it jumped straight out of her hands and smashed in the middle of the bedroom!

The Paranormal Activity Continues…

The following night Esther decided to go to bed before her younger sister – she had been feeling ill all day and she felt she needed an early night to recover.

Jennie followed her up to bed a few hours later…but as she attempted to slide into bed quietly, Esther jumped out of bed and flew into the center of the room.

She began convulsing and screaming “Why is this happening to me? I’m dying!”

Yet again, Olive and Daniel Teed had to race into the room to find out what was happening. As soon as they entered, Esther collapsed to the floor.

Teed immediately tried to pick the young lady up off the floor, but as soon as he touched her, four enormous claps resonated throughout the house.

He stood back and waited for the strange deep noise to subside.

Eventually he was able to carry Esther back to bed, where she stayed for the next three days.

Dr. Carritte’s Arrival

When Esther eventually felt well enough to get out of bed, the loud clapping noises seemed to start up again. It was as if they were waiting for her feet to touch the bedroom floor!

Olive and Daniel had no idea what was behind these strange events, so they eventually contacted the family doctor, Dr. Carritte.

Carritte didn’t leave the house for several days – he was mesmerized by the strange paranormal activity that was surrounding Esther.

Dr. Carritte’s Arrival

His records cover strange scratching noises, voices coming through the walls and strange movement beneath Esther’s bed.

In one incident, the doctor witnessed some sort of invisible entity scratching the words “E S T H E R C O X Y O U A R E M I N E” on the bedroom wall.

Carritte never gave up on Esther, and went on to record more strange paranormal events over the next few weeks.

The Move

Eventually, Esther decided that she needed a change of scenery to get out of this paranormal loop – she moved in with one of her elder sisters in a nearby town.

As soon as she got out of the house – the strange demonic events stopped.

After a few months of peace Esther returned to the house in Amherst…but this was a bad move…the paranormal events seemed to start up almost immediately.

Esther finally got the message – the house was at the root of all her terrible experiences.

She contacted a friend of the family who allowed her to move into her home…within days, the barn outside her new home caught fire and burned to the ground.

The family friend was convinced that Esther was behind the blaze and she was arrested for arson. She eventually served four weeks in the local prison for the destruction of the barn.

Surprisingly, this prison stint seemed to put an end to the haunting surrounding Esther – it signaled the end of the poltergeist activity that had been consuming her life!

A strange paranormal case indeed – if you have any thoughts on Esther’s haunting, please leave them in the comment section below.