The Beyond (2017) – Movie Review

The Beyond (2017) - Movie Review

Really had to rush this one to the front of the queue and get it up on here as soon as possible – found it by COMPLETE chance last night and pretty much loved every minute of it.

It was about 8pm and I was in the mood for a Science Fiction injection – I’d had enough of horror for the week and the only other genre I enjoy (movie-wise) is the good old Sci-Fi option!

Anyway, I starting making my way through the newest season of Black Mirror…which is pretty f##king awesome yet again…and I decided I wanted a bit of a ‘space-movie’ experience.

So…I hit up one of my favorite streaming sites and instantly stumbled upon a new release in the Science Fiction section – The Beyond.

Had no idea about the country of it’s origin or it’s format – it’s front cover had a planet and a spaceship…and at the time that was good enough for me!

Imagine my surprise when the first scene turned out to be in the mockumentary format…

The Plot

Set in 2019, The Beyond chronicles the groundbreaking mission which sent astronauts – modified with advanced robotics, through a newly discovered wormhole known as the Void. When the mission returns unexpectedly, the space agency races to discover what the astronauts encountered on their first of its kind interstellar space journey.

CGI With Substance

I don’t know what it is about Found Footage movies with a big CGI budget – most of the time they end up lacking in something really simple.

Just recently, I think it was The Gracefield Incident…yeah that’s right – The Gracefield Incident – perfect example of blowing a budget on decent effects and leaving the rest of the movie float in a shit stream.

Of course this isn’t always the case – Cloverfield and Chronicle are great examples of what can be done with Found Footage and special effects…but the more recent effect-ridden contributions to the genre have failed to impress (me).

Visually, The Beyond was pretty much majestic – from start to finish.

But, surely director Hasraf Dulull was going to cut some corners to make up for this stunning visual display?


To be brutally honest with you – I struggled to find any sort of negatives throughout this film.

Okay, maybe the build is going to be a bit too slow for Spielberg fans…but to me it was like an orchestral journey.

At last we get a bit of CGI with substance behind it – a Science Fiction tale that shows us what the Found Footage genre is capable of…if used correctly.


Probably the best movie I’ve watched all year…wait a minute…we’re only in January!!!

You know what I mean – probably the best movie I’ve watched from this genre in the last 12 months (there, that makes more sense!).

Now, I should point out that I am a geek and I like my Science Fiction to stretch my imagination – I don’t necessarily need Death Star’s and fat Jabba’s to be entertained by it.

The Beyond is a Science Fiction fan’s movie – it’s pace is not exactly ‘hell for leather’!

Unfortunately, this probably means that a lot of viewers are going to switch off halfway through it…and that’s a bit of a tragedy really.

So, if you’re the impatient kind, and you’re reading this – fuck off and watch a Rambo movie instead (this film ain’t for you!).

I’d never heard of this Dulull dude before – so I did a little digging after the final credits had rolled on the movie.

To my surprise, it turns out he is a veteran VFX artist that worked on The Dark Knight – now things started to make sense.

The picture he has painted here is quite breathless at times – so much so that you forget you are watching ‘footage’ on the screen in front of you.

Here comes my biased bit – the movie is from the UK!

Yeah, well I’m always going to have a soft spot for Found Footage projects from the UK (let’s be honest – a large percentage of them ROCK!).

I’m going to cut the review here because I don’t want to give away too much of the experience – I went into it with eyes wide open…and I think everyone else should too!

Fully recommended.



  1. I watched this last night and I think it has the best VFX I have ever seen in a Mockumentary or Found Footage, I was blown away by it all. I really hope that there is a sequel to it that expands on the ending and focuses on the Humans 2.0 concept SPOILER ALART!!!!!! (I dont know if you noticed but there was a Unkown Planet shown on the galaxy map on the outskirts of our galaxy when Venus, Jupiter ect ect was melted down to make Earth 2 and they could send the Humans 2.0 there and investigate) but I doubt that there will be another film because making this one couldn’t have been cheap and its not like this was a blockbuster hit and made a huge amount of profit.

    • Hi Stewart,

      The director/writer of this film actually contacted me to say thanks the day after this review was posted – he was in America at the time (read into that what you will!). Anyway – I don’t think a sequel is out of the question by any stretch of the imagination – this film seems to be seeing a bit of success!
      Now I have to go back to the movie and check out this planet I missed…

  2. I also love this. I just watched this film and I do appreciate the level of intelligence in this. The only problem was the plot –
    First off, why would they run out of options but to send a human 2.0? Couldn’t they just send probes that were programmed to send back a blackbox full of data and program them to send them at the reverse direction for a specific period of time (since I am sure they would know when will it hit the event horizon) and just adjust the time based on the data gathered on the subsequent probes.
    Secondly, the shell – why wasn’t this tested first on death row inmates? (I would agree to be tested if I were on death row! and being offered a chance to life IF the fusion goes well) I just don’t understand why it wasn’t! Its illogical!! The time that the first subject died it makes one think that he WAS the guinea pig! What a waste!
    Third – Paranoia and first encounter – Really there is nothing to be paranoid about! An intelligent civilization with the capacity to travel to us means that they have enough tech to burn us to the ground without even going to Earth – and what exactly do they need to “harvest” here anyway that is not available outside the solar system? And in that we really don’t need to worry about freaking the aliens out – they were the ones visiting – they are the more advanced, surely they did their homework and its their job to NOT freak us out (which they did not do so well its so impolite and unrealistic for a probably K2 civ – or even k3).

    That’s why I hate to watch sci fi now….maybe if IA wrote it… and film based perfectly on it.. i Robot is one which was based on that..BUT it was bastardized…

    But really for the record..I enjoyed this, best sci fi of the last few months since interstellar (which make no mistake has some plot flaws too)

    • Yeah this was a real surprise for me as well – I found it by complete accident online!
      I actually like the Death Row angle – certainly makes sense George!

    • Death row inmates did something to get to the death row. I would not like supersoldiers from the most dangerous criminal material… Maybe this was the reason they did test on them.

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