The Blackout Files (2010) – Best Zombie Apocalypse Movie Online?

The Blackout Files (2010) - Best Zombie Apocalypse Movie Online?

There’s nothing better than turning the laptop off, grabbing a cold beer and trawling through the Found Footage section of YouTube – love it!

It was through this process that I stumbled upon the best zombie apocalypse movie on the budget film scene – The Blackout Files!

High School Ain’t All About Chasing Girls!

Man this was so, so, so much fun! I didn’t take it seriously for a minute but that’s not a black mark against the film – it was well worth watching!

I personally think it’s the best zombie apocalypse movie on YouTube at the moment due to it’s short length and fast pace – I can’t believe it’s a high school movie!

You’ll notice I usually include the year of release in the title of every review I produce but I have no real idea when this madhouse of a film was made. At a guess I would say about 2010 due to it’s posting on YouTube.

Clean Camera Work

The real bonus that allowed me to enjoy this film was the quality of the initial camera work – this kid new what he was doing! It was a clean picture and reasonably steady to boot!

One of the earlier scenes has two groups of boys in separate cars racing each other down a road. The cameraman is in one of these cars and he manages to keep a good eye on the action throughout.

At no point during the initial scenes of this film did I notice something that would suggest I was watching a zero budget film – this was a pretty good sign!

Best Zombie Apocalypse Movie………

Now let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – I claimed this movie was the best zombie apocalypse movie on YouTube at the moment. This does not mean it was a George A Romeo classic by any stretch of the imagination.

Some parts of this film stink – and stink bad! But if you watch it with no expectations you will have a great thrill ride ( and isn’t that what it’s all about? ).

Some Guy Called Alex Wagner

Yeah this is the name of the kid who created this impressive 25 minute long horror flick. I personally think he deserves a pat on the back for some of his filming talents and on screen ideas.

For a start the speed of the zombies – awesome idea! He has managed to speed up the time frame whenever a zombie/infected is on the screen and it looks really quite effective!

For me this little trick was the stand out point to the film – it made the whole thing shine a little brighter than the other low budget bedroom producer films online!

Could They Act?

This was another strong point for me! I thought the boys who played the main characters in this film were all pretty decent on screen.

If my memory serves me right I think the film ends up with four main characters trying to escape the clutches of the infected – all of them were up to a decent standard for acting.

The cameraman ( who I think may have been Alex Wagner himself ) had one of the greatest on screen screams I had ever heard – “They’re coming, run, run, RUNNNNNNNN!”. He put all his lungs into every scream he made throughout the short film – fair do to the boy!


So I guess this little gem won’t be winning any awards soon but I’m really glad I watched it. I personally think it is the best zombie apocalypse movie on offer online at the moment ( in indie terms! ). It was short, well filmed and to the point.

I know you all want me to spend my time reviewing the the full length feature’s of Found Footage but what’s the point? This site was set up to review ALL Found Footage Horror movies – not just the ones Hollywood throws money at!

I will continue to find and review as many films in this genre as possible regardless of their budget and I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it!

Anyway please check this film out as it’s only 25 mins long and I’m sure the boys will appreciate the backing. I’ve embedded it at the top of this review so there are no excuses – support indie horror!

The best zombie apocalypse movie you’ll catch for free online – great fun!



  1. Hi Chris,

    What a great review. It’s nice to see someone writing about something they’ve seen and enjoyed, regardless of whether it’s an indie offering or produced by a major film company.

    My sister has been on to me for months now about trying out a few more Found Footage titles as I really enjoyed that Exists last year. She believes there are much better titles out there so I’m on the case!

    In your opinion – what films would you recommend to a regular Found Footage newbie like myself? I would love to go through a few of your favorites!

    Cheers 🙂

    • Hi there Wendy,

      Well your sister sounds like my type of gal 🙂

      I would suggest starting with Grave Encounters (I’m automatically thinking you’ve seen Blair Witch?) then maybe moving onto the sequel. There’s a pretty cool film from last year called The Houses That October Built….then there’s Megan is Missing…the list can go on all day really.

      Why don’t you check out the Top Ten page we have on this site? Find it HERE.

      Also go through the blog archives – each article there is actually a review!

      Hope this helps!!!! 🙂

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