The Blair Witch Project ( 1999 ) – Blair Witch True Story?

The Blair Witch Project ( 1999 ) - Blair Witch True Story?

Well this monumental landmark needs no real introduction from me so I suppose I better jump straight into things! ​We’ve got three hapless students writing a project on the local Blair Witch true story.

These same three students decide to take a trip into the woods where the Blair Witch is said to reside. These same three students get lost………hold your breath!

The Blair Witch True Story

This film took Hollywood by the scruff off the neck and slapped it around the room – it is a shining light to all those directors out there that want to ‘go it alone’.

When I think about how many god awful horror films that were released around the turn of the century this makes the Blair Witch seem even more impressive.

We are using the headline ‘Blair Witch True Story’ but lets be honest guys – there is nothing true about this story! It is a simple plan for a movie that is delivered with bone chilling precision by very believable actors that should of gone on to bigger things!

Our Fears

We’re instinctively afraid of natural things like the dark or strange noises. On the other hand we have to be conditioned to fear other things that are actually dangerous to us. The Blair Witch Project manages to tap into our instinctive fears and not let go from start to finish.

It’s the top of the Found Footage horror tree and I think it will always stay there! It introduced the whole concept of a film not allowing us to see anything of the enemy. No digital effects, no great stunts and basically no budget!

This is where our real fears lie – knowing someone’s there but not being able to see them. Compare this to a guy running around in a ‘Scream’ mask and you’ll get the picture – there is no comparison between the two sets of fear!

Same Old, Same Old…..But Better!

The film starts off pretty much the same as any other Found Footage horror. We learn that in 1994 three students enter a forest to complete their project on the Blair Witch true story……and a few months later this footage was found! (cue the drama guys!)

The start of the film offers us a lot more information than we care to realize at first. This is mainly down to the three students laughing off the whole concept of a Blair Witch story when interviewing the locals.

As a matter of fact even the locals seem to laugh off the idea and claim to have only heard it as a campfire story as a child. All this humor about the subject only adds to the terrifying ordeal that follows……..

The Personalities of The Characters

So we’ve witnessed the three students showing their fun filled sides when looking into the local views around the Blair Witch story.

They don’t take any of it as a warning and they are constantly joking around and basically acting like pretentious students.

This is where the film excels again – when the brown stuff hits the fan we see dramatic changes in the personalities of the three students. Long gone are the jokes and the one liners – things are getting serious and they are scared…….very scared!

The female student, Heather, tries to keep the rest of the group positive and upbeat but she is steadily pissing them all off ( she was well cast in this role! )

Stick Figures

When it comes to scary images in a horror film that work I have seen them all – believe me! I live for this type of stuff and it never bores me!

The Blair Witch makes use of simple and crudely put together stick figures as an indication that something is ‘out there’ in the woods.

It amazes me how frightening a simple item can be as it is left hanging off trees in the forest. The film also does a good job of changing the look of the forest as the students get further into the ‘witch’s domain’.

They use a more ‘dead’ and ‘leafless’ area of the forest for this part of the film and it works wonders!


This is by far one of the most impressive and effective horror films ever made. Based around the idea of a local Blair Witch true story that consumes three hapless and disrespectful students.

It is directed by Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick who obviously had no money to put into the film. It’s a comforting feeling to know that these guys should now have PLENTY of money to fool around with!

The two main factors of any horror film are delivered brilliantly here – fear and atmosphere! The Found Footage genre may have started a good few years before it’s release but The Blair Witch Project is by far the ‘daddy’ of them all!



  1. Nice review, and you are absolutely right, we are instinctively afraid of natural things. That’s definitely why the only “horror” movie I have ever found that really grabbed my attention and I could consider scary was Paranormal Activity. Every movie of the series trumped any horror movie I have seen which had actual characters as the enemies.

    This was pretty much a classic though – I think most people have watched this witch at some point in time right?

    • Hi Ishan,

      So you are a Paranormal Activity fan then? I don’t blame you – the first film was excellent…

      Unfortunately they did have a handful of stinkers in their line ups of sequels…but they weren’t all bad 🙂

      By the sounds of things you like PA more than the Blair Witch – that’s quite a statement!

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