The Coffin Footage (2016) – Movie Review

The Coffin Footage (2016) - Movie Review

Apologies to all those of you that have sent film recommendations my way over the last couple of weeks – I get so many messages daily it’s getting near enough impossible to keep up!

I will get around to ALL of the recommendations you put forward but this website is pretty much a ‘one-man-boat’.

The more popular it gets the less time I end up with to actually watch something!

Anyway, Coffin Footage, micro-budget and pretty much low-fi filming – let’s get into it…

The Plot

A young man slowly realizes that he has become the chosen target of an ominous supernatural presence. As he scrambles to stop it, he realizes there is more to this haunting than meets the eye.

Okay Let’s Try to be Kind…

This film stars and was directed by a lad named Trent Coffin – yeah, I’d never heard of him before either!

Anyways, he’s managed to get the film out on some pretty decent online platforms which is good marketing in my book.

But this is a low, low budget offering and there are some glaringly awful Found Footage mistakes throughout.

That’s okay though – I can live with that (most of the time!).

First off we’ve got a rather irritating soundtrack that pops up here and there throughout the film.

A little bit of advice for you Trent – soundtracks ain’t welcome in the world of Found Footage!

Secondly, video editing was a bit heavy-handed and distracting throughout the viewing experience.

I know this is probably a little picky from me but it really stood out and stuck in my mind – I just felt as though the project could of done better…without much effort!


I thought I better hit the conclusion sooner rather than later as I would probably end up picking out too many holes in this film.

FACT – This is not a particularly ‘good’ Found Footage film BUT I have seen a lot worse!

In a couple of scenes they used a sort of animation portal to screw over a few dream scenes – this was actually quite original and quite impressive!

There were a few special effects scenes that were also quite impressive for a micro-budget offering.

Unfortunately, this is one of those films where the pros far outweigh the cons – no matter how hard you try and tip the scales.

Some of the acting was pretty mediocre at best, most of the cinematography did not appear to be planned out and the plot descended into a bit of a soap opera madness near the end!

Now, I don’t like shafting low budget films – so I will say that die hard Found Footage fans may well like this.

I didn’t hate it – far from it…

But I was not that impressed by it!

I think a lot of newbie directors in this genre think it’s going to be a lot easier than it actually is – creating an atmosphere through a camcorder is pretty hard work!

There are some good ideas here and some interesting bits – but overall it fails to climb out of the low budget sack race.



    • Ahhh so you’re the guy that put up this list – didn’t you contact me a while back? I lost your comment somewhere in the mass of text on this site! 🙂

  1. I found this one on Amazon and agree with your opinion. It’s a decent amateur first effort, but the filmmaker does have quite a bit to learn.

    IMO, one really offputting flaw was the overacting done by Mr Coffin himself. I understood that he was portraying a character who is terrified – and who knows how any of us would react in such a situation in real life? – but, on film, the hysterical sobbing and girlish “I’m soooooo scared” statements, over and over again, were really annoying.

    I did like the plot itself, which I thought was rather original, and the sort of twist ending was clever. Overall, like you, Chris, I didn’t think The Coffin Footage was a waste of time, but it’s nowhere near my Top 10 list – which has several dozen films on it at this point. LOL

    • No I agree, it had a few too many holes in it for my liking but as a first effort – it had some positive points!

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