The Cohasett Snuff Film ( 2012 ) – Murders Caught on Camera

The Cohasett Snuff Film ( 2012 ) - murders caught on camera

This review will be covering The ​Cohasett Snuff Film – a 2012 Found Footage release based on various murders caught on camera…

What’s All The Fuss About?

I found this particular film by searching through a variety of horror sites – it’s how we find the majority of Found Footage films due to them sometimes being relatively unknown and a little obscure!

The reviews for once were not that bad – about 3 stars out of 5 in most cases. Due to this I was reasonably upbeat about reviewing it.

But what was all the fuss about?

The front cover shows a really graphic scene of a body with it’s head smashed in – this was probably the only extreme thing about this film!

The story was alright and the ‘horror’ side of things was alright but as for a ‘snuff film’ – no chance!

The Plot

This film covers many different murders caught on camera by serial killer Collin Mason, resident and student of Cohasset, Mass. He is a slightly disturbed 17 year old high school senior who decides he has had enough with life in general.

The film is made up a selection of YouTube videos that Collin himself has published. He is allowing us to follow his murderous exploits and experience first hand what he is up to!

This is the basis for the whole film…

Wafer Thin Acting

My main gripe with this film was the initial quality of the main character’s acting (Collin). He seemed to start off pretty lame at best but as the film progressed he got much better!

I should be grateful that he eventually got a grip on his talents but the start of the film really is a little poor.

He suffers from serious over-acting in places and it gives the movie a very amateur feel – like something thrown together by a bunch of school kids for a class project!


Collin is setting out to get some justice on the people who have hurt him or the people who have simply crossed his path.

I felt this was a little weak really – whilst the film looks into the story behind each of these victims it still fails to address why he really wants them in the ground.

One of the victims is a rather hot ex girlfriend who didn’t actually do anything wrong. I was left wondering why a girl this smart would be anywhere near a spotty little freak like Collin let alone get naked with him?

I found the murders caught on camera to be a little to simple overall. We had a story that allowed the writer/producer to get pretty inventive if they wanted to.

There was a complete lack of special effects or decent make up which didn’t allow the killing scenes to be that frightening.


At the end of the day I don’t think I ‘got’ the reason for Collin’s actions. There is a sort of explanation by his Auntie at the start of the film but this fails to answer all the questions the viewer will ask.

He was an angry young man because of something that happened to his parents – I get that!

I just don’t get what came after that? I just don’t get the link to his upbringing with his auntie (even though she liked a Vodka or two!).

As I mentioned earlier the lead character was not well portrayed in the initial stages of the film but the actor did get his game together for the second half of the film.

If I’m honest the film was pretty s**t right up until the first murder – after that things did get a little spicy and I was a lot more interested in the outcome.

I read somewhere that a youngish guy named Edward Payson directed this film and that tends to make a little sense.

I’m all for new and exciting young producers/directors breaking through in this genre but they have to bring something new with them – something fresh to the screen.

The truth of the matter is these murders caught on camera were nothing new – most of us horror fans would have witnessed something similar on the silver screen before.

Not a terrible film but one that lacked that a couple of much needed ingredients. Not a bad effort but one which I will not be watching again!


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