The Crying Dead ( 2011 ) – Little Demon Girls

The Crying Dead ( 2011 ) - Little Demon Girls

I find any sort of horror movie that includes a child ghost creepy – I don’t know why but it just works on me!

The Crying Dead is a Found Footage film that gives us three rather effective little demon girls – suffice to say I was pretty creeped out…

Not The Most Original

Yeah, not the most original but hey – Grave Encounters is a hard act to follow! I’m afraid The Crying Dead seemed to have taken at least 90% of it’s makeup from the Grave Encounters films.

But it works pretty well as a film that stands on it’s own so I didn’t dwell on this fact to much – I have seen much worse G.E. ripoffs!

That’s not where the lack of originality stops I’m afraid! After watching the film I found out that it was shot at Los Angeles Linda Vista Hospital.

Those of you who live in the Found Footage zone will know that this particular venue has been used for several other Found Footage films (covering the haunted asylum niche of course!).

Still if you like this haunted asylum trip it’s still worth a ride right?

Decent Enough!

OK so it’s an overused plot and an overused set but let’s be honest here – it’s a pretty good horror film overall!

The first scene paints a pretty decent picture of what we are about to receive!

We have a young lady being strapped into a chair and receiving generous amounts of elctro-therapy treatment.

After a while she seems to have had enough of this enforced pain and uses some kind of psychic ability to throw the doctors around the room – nice!

After this we descend into a bit of a ‘seen it all before’ start to the film…

  • We get the ghost hunting reality TV film crew
  • We get to see them interact in the van trip to the asylum
  • We reach the asylum and we get the regulation old man who lets them in and shows them around!

Grave Encounters down to the last detail I’m afraid! Well at least the film’s not trying to pretend it’s something it isn’t!

The Cast

The group of actors they managed to assemble for this film were not at all bad but I couldn’t help but think a few of them were miscast.

How come every woman in this ghost hunting group was a complete supermodel?

Surely in this kind of geek territory we are going to get frumpy goth ladies with Metallica T-shirts on?

Apart from this slight problem the film and the acting/conversations seemed pretty realistic – I couldn’t really point at one actor and say they were untalented!

The Film

As I mentioned above I did enjoy this film but it managed to fall into the trap that a majority of Found Footage films do…..slow build up!

We have to get to about the 40 minute mark before this film remembers that it is there to scare us.

This can sometimes work in a film’s favor but the constant scouring of corridors and the green night vision filming does get a little tiring after a while!

But when it does get down to the nasty stuff – it works!

The little demon girls are spooky and eerie enough to pull the scare factor off with ease. The stunts that surround the deaths of the crew are not bad either!


I enjoyed this Found Footage effort but then again I would – I can see why so many people are turning away from this genre in disgust though!

It’s all about over-saturation of the genre with the same idea being used again and again. If you look through the reviews on this site you will come across numerous films based inside abandoned hospitals or asylums.

Sure this had the originality of the little demon girls to fall back on but there’s no getting away from the fact this was not a new idea.

I understand that not every Found Footage film can be the same standard or originality of Paranormal Activity but there is nothing stopping new ideas from coming through!

If you like Found Footage (like me!) you will probably enjoy this – if you are looking for something new then you probably won’t!

Try it and see!


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