The Devil Incarnate ( 2013 ) – Hybrid Horror

The Devil Incarnate ( 2013 ) - Hybrid Horror

A while back we reviewed The Hunt and that pretty much put us off reviewing a ​hybrid horror film again. As luck would have it we were handed a very similar movie last week and told “you might enjoy this!”.

The Movie was called The Devil Incarnate and it was a debut horror by director L. Gustavo Cooper. It was a hybrid horror of both Found Footage and traditional filming techniques.

Here is the review…

So This Actually Works!

I was more than surprised to find that this type of Found Footage film works if you put a little effort into it. The three main protagonists in the film did a really impressive and believable job of pulling this off!

I lay down on the sofa with a beer, pressed play and didn’t move again until 80 minutes later when the credits came up – a VERY decent sign!

The film opens up with a rather typical scene of a female being interviewed by police. She is very tearful and it seems some serious s**t has gone down.

It’s not long before we find out exactly what this s**t is…

The Plot

Holly and Trevor Davidson are newlyweds who are off on a journey to Miami for their honeymoon (and why not?). They are passing near Cassadaga and Holly decides she fancies trying out one of the psychics there.

To cut a pretty long story short they end up at the home of the crazy Vjestica. Now this Vjestica seems a bit of a headcase and it’s not long before she is screaming at the top of her voice at Holly.

The couple about turn and do a runner to the car to continue their journey. Not long after this incident they find out Holly is pregnant and return home with the good news.

Things start to take a turn for the worse from this point onward – both Holly and her unborn child seem to feel the full force of some kind of strange and surreal mental condition…

An Impressive Package

A film usually relies on many different aspects to succeed. The Devil Incarnate seemed to tick an awful lot of boxes in this respect especially for a debut horror film.

As I mentioned earlier the actors did a fantastic job of carrying this film through to the end. I thought that Emily Rogers (who played the younger sister) was outstanding especially considering this was only here second ever role!

The story may seem like it is lacking a little originality but I assure you – it is not!

The director L. Gustavo Cooper has taken the hybrid horror idea and made it work – period! The Found Footage aspect was immense and the traditionally filmed scenes were creepy and effective. Both mixed together gave the film a very personal view of the characters.

The film also builds really well and Holly’s descent into darkness is covered really effectively. We go from her touching up her father in law to smashing up nurseries and speaking strange languages – it’s all very dark and interesting.


Definitely one to watch in my humble opinion! I was exhausted the night I watched it but it managed to keep me awake and on edge until the end.

There are some typical complaints I have with the film but these are way outnumbered by the positive points. The actors are all near enough newcomers but all of them can be very proud of this – they rocked!

I’m not sure what the budget was on this film but I cannot imagine it is to high. This didn’t shine through in the film at all – cinematography was sound from start to finish!

There is no doubt that L. Gustavo Cooper has hit the right buttons with this hybrid horror – we here at Top Found Footage Films will be keeping a close eye on his career in the future.

Good film!



  1. Pretty good movie, sort of reminded me of “Lovelly Molly”. I found out it is also known as “Cursed” and “Copiii: The 1st Entry”.

    • Hi john,
      I didn’t know it had alternative titles – it’s quite a good film isn’t it? ( I was pleasantly surprised overall! )

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