The Devil Inside ( 2012 ) – Catholic Exorcism Deaths

The Devil Inside ( 2012 ) - Catholic Exorcism Deaths

When I first saw the trailer to The Devil Inside I was really impressed – this looked like something that was right up my street! The idea of covering Catholic exorcism deaths in a Found Footage style suited me down to the ground 🙂

I wasn’t the only one either – a viral online campaign had convinced many other horror fans that this was going to be a ‘special event’.

So did the film live up to all this hype?

A Broken Promise

Yes I’m afraid the promise of this film being something special was a bit far fetched at best. Whilst I enjoyed certain parts of the film I was a little disappointed with other parts.

It’s over thirteen years now since the release of the ground breaking Blair Witch Project and things have certainly started to slip.

You see this could of been a great film but instead the makers decided to stop when it was a decent film!

It seems to me it is TO EASY to film a movie in this genre now resulting in 50% of the releases being unworthy of screen time.

The Plot

Our main character is Isabella Rossi ( Fernanda Andrade ) who has a rather depressing situation with her mother.

When she was just a small girl her mother was taken away because she was suspected of killing three people ( yikes! ).

Instead of being sent to a secure prison her mother ended up being deported into an asylum in Italy indefinitely. This was carried out by the government and the Catholic church.

This is the first big mistake in the film for me – Isabella’s reaction to her mother being done over by the catholic church and locked away in another country. Surely this would have set alarm bells ringing years before?

Anyway the story moves along and we get to meet Isabella’s dad who claims the murders were actually Catholic exorcism deaths. Apparently her mother was having an exorcism performed on her by local priests and things went VERY bad.

So Isabella is now armed with new information on her mother’s situation and she decides to hire a amateur documentary filmmaker to help her out – they head off to Italy!

Questions Need Answers

After reading the plot above you will probably wonder what all the fuss is about – it sounds like a pretty good film!

It is good at times…but questions need answers for a film to be believable!

We have no idea how Isabella manages to meet and convince our documentary maker to come along on the trip. We also have no idea how she manages to get into all these places in Italy with a cameraman on her left shoulder.

In fact there are many questions we do not get the answers to but by revealing them I am hitting way to many spoiler alerts!

Not Enough Scares

OK so the plot is a little thin at times and many questions seem to go without being answered – maybe the ‘Fright Factor’ could make up for this?

Well in some bits yes it does but man it needed much more. This is a Found Footage film about Catholic exorcism deaths – surely they could of fitted a lot more evil into the overall running time?

Don’t get me wrong some of the possession scenes were pretty damn freaky and I enjoyed them immensely. There just didn’t seem to be enough of these scenes to fill in the gaps.

The trailer to the film has rather cleverly used ALL the frightening scenes to draw potential audiences in…


Good and bad I’m afraid – and that’s a disappointing thing to say considering the advertising campaign that went along with this film.

I didn’t hate the film at all – I just felt let down by it when the ending credits rolled in!

As I mentioned earlier it is getting much to easy to produce a Found Footage film that is average at best. When you consider what zero budget efforts like The Ghost Footage and The Seething have achieved it’s a shame things are going this way.

I’m not saying you should stay away from this film because you may well enjoy it – I have many friends who thought it was awesome so don’t be put off.

It’s best to just sit down and watch it without any expectations at all – take it as a bit of popcorn for the brain.

Could of been great…but it settled for average!



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