The Devil’s Familiar (2019) – Movie Review

The Devil's Familiar (2019) - Movie Review


EDIT 25/10/2019: Since this review was published The Devil’s Familiar has seen a bit of success, so I’m afraid the time to watch the movie for free has now gone (sorry!). I will keep updating the article when I know more about the subject! 

Okay, got a real independent offering for you today, and it’s been a while since I put one up here. A couple of weeks back I was contacted by indie filmmaker Kieran Edwards about his first Found Footage release The Devil’s Familiar.

He’s based over the border in Kidderminster, so I was pretty stoked to get to hear about another British FF offering. On top of that he’s allowed me to embed the film directly on the site here (with this review of course!), so for once I don’t have to answer a million fucking questions in the comment section on “Where can I find this film?”.  🙂

Remember, this is a zero budget Found Footage project – the very first review I put up on this site was a zero budget indie offering, and the filmmaker ended up getting a shitload of coverage (and relative success) from the article.

SOOOOO…watch the movie, if you enjoy what you see click through to the player on the actual YouTube site and drop a comment there and hit the ‘thumbs up’ button. Social shares are also VERY powerful these days, and only take one click…

The Plot

Shot in Worcestershire, West Midlands UK, starring.. Uriel Davies, Ross Mooney, David Clarke, Christopher Gadd, Pete Moulam, Tom Lee Rutter, Sarah Page, James E Taylor, David Fenn, Edd Littler, Laura Liptrot, Phill Liptrot, Hollie Edwards, Mark Murphy & Mark Randall..

A video camera is anonymously handed into Police.. The extracted footage is projected onto a screen we watch (the audience) as well as DCi Barker and other CID officers..

The only information we know so far is that the video content was filmed by two students named Elliott Mooney (student number 06852105) and Jake Mcintyre (student number 05437921)..

Elliott & Jake are studying Film & Video Production at Henwick University and this is there final film for the degree…

The film is a documentary about the 2006 Ribbesford Woods Murders where a man was found brutally murdered, Sally Edwards was sent down for the murder, but conspiracy theories of a mythical creature living in Ribbesford woods is potentially to blame? What actually happened in 2006? Was this a cover up? Or cold blooded murder?

Conclusion (& Movie!)

Yeah, before we go any further I figured it would be a good idea to plant the movie here…because some of the lazy gits that visit this site just scan the articles for feedback and never reach the end of the review (you know who you are!)….


Video Not Available


Okay, so as I mentioned above, this was (or is) a zero budget indie offering, so don’t expect performances from Brad Pitt or Anthony Hopkins. I will start by saying that overall this did have some qualities to it, and they managed to hit more than a few Found Footage angles correctly…which is always pleasing.

Most of the on-screen actors, or should I say the main characters in the movie, did a decent job of holding down their roles.

The only real lag in acting I noticed came earlier on in the movie, before they hit the traditional ‘forest scenes’. Again, this is to be expected – I’m pretty sure a few of the characters were being played by people who were not planning on getting in front of camera too often in their lifetime.

The cinematography was near enough flawless in my book – I’ve sat through a lot fucking worse that’s had a million budget to play with. I judge FF cinematography by how often I notice it when I’m watching the story unfold. If I don’t notice it that often – the filmmaker has hit all the right notes!

I didn’t really notice it at all with this film (which is good news).

The plot was actually pretty cool, because they took the time to throw in a couple of twists, which actually worked over the course of the running time.

Overall this is probably one of the better completely independent, zero budget offerings I’ve watched recently. I say this, not because it’s gonna win any Oscars (is that how you spell it?), but because there’s a decent amount of effort put into it, and the filmmaker actually knows something about the Found Footage genre.

I tell you – there’s nothing worse than a dude contacting me with a movie they’ve made…and then me realising it’s been filmed through a teenager’s iPhone AFTER I’ve agreed to review it (yes…that does happen…).

Not the case here – plenty of effort and thought have gone into it. Acting could improve in places, and I wasn’t that keen on the police scenes at the start and conclusion of the film, otherwise a very watchable project.

Now over to you – do your bit and support indie filmmakers in this genre!



  1. It appears the video owner has taken it private. Clicking on it gets a “if the owner of this video has granted you access, please log in.” Guess he’s had his 15 minutes of fame?

    • Hey mate!

      Yeah I’ve had to edit the article above after the filmmaker recently contacted me. The film looks to be getting a bit of traction behind it, so the chance to watch it for free has disappeared for the moment…

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