The Dinosaur Project ( 2012 ) – Real Dinosaur Videos


The Dinosaur Project ( 2012 ) - Real Dinosaur Videos

Several months ago I was plodding my way through endless satellite channels with a beer in hand – I was bored and I wanted to watch something DESPERATELY.

I had already made my way through what the internet had to offer and it was bone dry – no decent horror anywhere to be found!

Imagine my surprise when I turn to the Syfy channel and find the opening credits to a Found Footage film.

It’s five in the evening – what’s going on here?

I thought it must of been some sort of mistake but after watching the opening few scenes I realized this was indeed a Found Footage offering.

Still, it was early evening and it was the Syfy channel – this was probably going to be a pile of s##t.

Turns out I was very wrong…

What a Refreshing Change!

The 80 minutes or so of The Dinosaur Project were an absolute delight to sit through. It was pretty much ‘popcorn for the brain’ and I didn’t have to concentrate at all when watching it.

I was expecting a shabby offering from The Asylum Films but what I got was very different. Someone had actually paid good money for the CGI effects in this film and the general production levels were extremely impressive.

We end up with a sort of Found Footage version of Jurassic Park which actually works out pretty well.

The Plot

The film follows Jonathan Marchand ( Richard Dillane ) in his cryptozoology quest to the Congo. He is actually a well known explorer who films his exploits for TV viewing.

On this particular expedition to the Congo, Marchand is searching for the Mokele Mbembe. This is a prehistoric water beast that is thought to have survived from the Jurassic period ( a sort of Loch Ness thingy if you catch my drift! ).

So he sets off on this bold adventure with his production crew, blissfully unaware that his teenage son Luke ( Matt Kane ) has hitched a ride in the back of the plane.

In typical Found Footage style things start to go very wrong in a short space of time. The whole group end up crash landing in a part of the jungle where cell phones obviously don’t work.

However, they are not alone in this jungle…

Real Dinosaur Videos

Any online critics that did not enjoy this film need to have their websites taken off them. They are obviously in severe danger of disappearing up their own ass.

There is nothing to hate about it from start to finish – it’s cheesy dinosaur adventure shot in the Found Footage style. It’s fun, refreshing and easy on the eye!

The actors are all of a decent quality, the script is aimed at the young and old and the effects are surprisingly high standard.

There is no reason to dislike this film…period.


Great fun from start to finish – I’m surprised it slipped under the radar like it did for so long!

The only drawback I could see was the quality of filming and the camera shots were a little to impressive at times. This was not your regular ‘shaky cam’ Found Footage treat.

But this high level a filming sort of helped the film out a bit – it allowed full appreciation of the CGI on-screen. It wouldn’t work with most films in this genre but it certainly managed to work here.

Don’t expect an absolute classic and you won’t be disappointed – well worth 80 minutes of your time!




  1. I enjoyed this a lot and the movie is very well made. Still it left me with feeling that they could have taken it even further and made an even scarier movie. The key word here is after all DINOSAURS. I don’t know how well this one did at the Box Office or when it came to dvd sales, but it certainly filled a void between Jurassic 3 and for 4 for fans of dino movies.

    • Yeah I quite enjoyed this myself John – I didn’t expect much but it was very easy to watch. I often catch it on cable Science Fiction channels so I doubt it did that well from a box office point of view. Still, decent actors, good effects and a fun ride – good all round Found Footage really!

  2. It was okay, not particularly awesome but worth the watch.

    Though i didnt like how the father and the camera guy died, they like just gave up and died instead of looking out for Luke.

  3. There’s a dinosaur found footage from Britain called The Expedition. I didn’t like it but you should check it out.

    • Not sure I’ve heard of that one yet Tim – I might try having a look for it tonight on one of those dodgy free streaming sites!

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